UK conference urges world to help end occupations on Kashmir, Palestine



A resolution passed at a conference in Birmingham has urged the international community to act fast on ending illegal occupations in Kashmir and in Palestine by India and Israel.

The conference titled “From Kashmir to Palestine — Occupation is a Crime” was jointly organized by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War Coalition. TeK UK President Fahim Kayani presented the resolution which was adopted unanimously.

The resolution asked the British government to apply sanctions without any discrimination on the states which violate human rights. It deplored that the British government has been inconsistent in applying sanctions against those violating international law on human rights.

“The UK government has applied sanctions against some of the states and individuals in violation of international law, it has failed to apply the same sanctions against those violating the rights of the Kashmiri and Palestinian peoples,” said the resolution. “In particular all trade between Britain and any other state must be consistent with international law. British trade both with Israel and India is inconsistent with international law particularly when it comes to the Arms Trade,” the resolution added. “The international community must take effective action against those violating human rights to ensure that every one’s human rights are respected. This should include applying sanctions against states, international bodies, cor-porations, and individuals complicit in violating human rights as specified in International Human Rights Law,” the resolution said.

The conference deliberated on Indian and Israeli Settler Colonialism projects in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and in Palestine besides Zionism and Hindutva Ideologies. Fahim Kayani President TeK UK; Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur, President World Kashmir Freedom Movement; Kamel Hawwash, Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Martin Sullivan, Amnesty International; Shaista Safi, Kashmiri human rights activist; Rayla Javaid, Vice President of Association of Muslim Lawyers; Shabbir Lakha, Stop the War National Officer; Nabila Hanson of Amnesty International, Naeem Khan PSC, Ch Ikram ul Haq of TeK UK, Mushtaq Hussain of TeK UK spoke on the occasion.

The speakers called out Indian and Israeli settler colonialism in the occupied territories. “India and Israel are hand in glove in persecution of Kashmiris and Palestinians and the irony is that the international community has chosen to close its eyes. These two partners in crime must be held accountable, sooner the better to save innocents lives from their persecution,” they added.