Wahab opens free Corona vaccination centre in Delhi Colony

Staff Reporter

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, the spokesperson for the Sindh government on Sunday inaugurated the Free Corona Vaccination Center at HY Hospital in collaboration with Delhi Sodagran and the Sindh Health Department.

He said that there are free corona vaccination centers all over the province including Karachi and the people of Delhi Colony and adjoining areas would be able to benefit from this center.

Wahab said: “We should all be vaccinated as it is for the betterment of all.” President of Jamiat Sodagran Delhi (Karachi) Saleem Farooqi was also present on the occasion.

Farooqi said that he was grateful to the Sindh government and we will always support them.

The spokesperson for the Sindh government said that we are grateful to Jamiat-e-Delhi Sodagran who supported the Sindh government in this epidemic and provided space for vaccination center and we will continue to supply vaccines.

“If we want to win the war against the coronavirus, we have to get rid of the impression that the vaccine is harmful,” he added.

Every doctor said that vaccination is necessary and that precaution and vaccination is the only way to prevent this contagious disease. “I am grateful to the young and old who cooperated in the security measures,” he said.

He also said that the Astra-Zeneca vaccine has been administered to the administrator of the hospital and the opinion about the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is not correct.

“With this commitment, we will wear masks and get vaccinated and give a second dose to those who have been given sinus form, so the sinus form has been stopped for a few days so that those who have received the first dose and second dose should also be given.

“Astra-Zeneca and Sinopharm vaccines are plentiful and we urgently need 10 million vaccines, so we have approached various companies,” he said.

“We tell the federal government through the media that if the federal government wants to provide us with 10 million vaccines, we are ready to pay the price,” he said.

Answering the questions of the journalists, he said that there is a danger of hurricane in Sindh at present and people should be careful. The next few days are important in terms of rains.

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