KPC condemns attack on media houses in Gaza

Staff Reporter

On behalf of the journalist community and its members, the Karachi Press Club (KPC) has condemned the Zionist state of Israel for its air and ground aggressions against the people of Palestine and media houses in the strongest possible words.

It also deplored the killings of innocent people of Gaza that include women, children, infants, aged and youth at the hands of Zionist forces in the holy land of Palestine.

In a statement KPC President FazilJamili and Secretary Muhammad Rizwan Bhatti slammed the Zionist regime of Israel for carrying out airstrikes at the building in Gaza housing the Al-Jazeera and the Associated Press (AP) offices during the unilaterally declared war against Palestine.

The airstrikes, they added, not pulled down the building leaving the members of media at the risks of life dangers, but also exposed Tell Aviv’s claim about press freedom.

The Zionist regime of Israel also showed event not the slightest respect for press and media freedom covering the war.

The fresh offence into Gaza has given a rise to threats for journalists in the war-hit zones of Palestine by the Zionist regime of Israel, they added.

The KPC has appealed to the United Nations to step up its efforts to de-escalate the war that Zionist regime of Israel has waged against the people of Palestine.

The UN, insofar, has turned a blind eye to the atrocities of Zionist regime against Palestinians and the continuing human rights violations in Gaza and parts of the Jewish state, they further said.

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