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Rebels not traitors

IK’s recent speeches in public portray him as a dismayed and frustrated person about his future. He is using iterated words “Neutral, Mr X and Y” in public meetings, exposing himself totally disappointed and frustrated. Imran, after ouster from power seems clearly upset.

Imran Khan alleged that the current government will recognise Israel, give bases to the US, get involved in another US war, not buy Russian oil due to US pressure and call those in government “traitors.” It is interesting to note that the supposed audio leak of Bushra Bibi, the wife of Imran Khan is likewise about being labelled a “traitor.”

According to the audio recording, Bushra Bibi, instructed Dr. Arslan Khan, the former prime minister’s chief digital media advisor, to use PTI social media to brand those who criticise Imran, Bushra Bibi and her friend Farah Gogi as “traitors” and associate them with a “foreign conspiracy” to topple the PTI government. The PTI’s position on the allegedly leaked audio has not been made clear at this time. Some PTI stalwrats defended this audio recording as private conversation but not denied its contents. Their statements were an acknowledgement that the audio leak was authentic.

The PTI’s call for a forensic investigation is likewise legitimate, but would it rely on the government to carry it out, or should a third party, as suggested by Khawaja Asif, handle it? The affair raises some significant issues about Bushra Bibi’s participation in the PTI’s internal politics, social media strategy and her relationship with Farah Gogi if it turns out to be true, which will require extensive due diligence regarding authenticity.

Sadly, during the PTI’s four years in power, accusations of treason and sedition were frequently levelled against people who were opposing government unfriendly policies of previous government. In the larger interest of the country it is obligatory on all politicians to avoid calling their “Rebels” as “Traitors” without sound proof and evidences.



Physical activity

This is disheartening to note that physical activity instead of being the priority of every single person has been ignored and reshaped into mental activities like playing sports has been changed into playing online games. Ignoring physical activities can be the only cause of many problems like mental problems, physical illnesses, depression, insomnia, lack of creativity, lack of communication skills, and many more.

Analyses have shown that people who do recreational activities have the potential to confront widespread health difficulties namely deadly heart disease. The more you do physical activities more you will have mental power. No matter what is your age because there is no limit to physical activities. But alas, even after knowing it, we still do not take out time to work on it to boost our creativity and well power. The government should work to build more public parks and playgrounds and it should also ensure the safety of people so that people can easily get to work on their health.

Parents should assist their children to socialize and take advantage. The students should be facilitated and encouraged at school to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities because health is a quite important thing in our life and physical activity is the main way to a healthy life.


Malir, Karachi

Lack of institutions

Balochistan—the wealthiest province of Pakistan— is in a disheartening index on female education. The province, with only 27 percent of female literacy which is the lowest across the globe, has become a state of ignorance. non-access to education and vulnerabilities for female disciples are getting higher day by day. Due to the lack of institutions, Balochistan’s daughters are divested of their fundamental and constitutional rights.

The females who belong to rural areas are living illiterate since the educational platforms are miles away. As many pupils go for acquiring education in various areas such as Quetta or Karachi, parents, being bound with Balochi customs, don’t allow their daughters to live in hostels.

Since it is an extremely neglected issue, the responsible authorities are expected to take instantaneous steps to improve the pillars of education and provide better opportunities to disciples.


Malir Karachi

Empty promises

It is embarrassing that the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he failed to fulfil the empty promises that he made since November 2017. Previously, he served as Vice-President of Zimbabwe from 2014 to 2017, and in various cabinet portfolios before that. Mnangagwa sat in Parliament of Zimbabwe from 1985 until 2015, but not tired of looting. It is a pity Zimbabwe has a lot of minerals but corruption is rampant, killing, illegally imprisonment and kidnapping opposition activists, instead of focusing on national development.

It is offensive that the ruling party in Zimbabwe taking Zimbabweans captive. Zimbabwe’s worsening social, political and economic landscape which forced millions of Zimbabweans living abroad. Conditions for the people of Zimbabwe continue to go from bad to worse.

Triple digit inflation shows no signs of slowing. Over half of the country lives in poverty. Politically, the merger of the ruling party and senior military leadership has long been complete, and they have become inextricable from the state itself. Zimbabwean President should follow Boris Johnson in stepping aside.




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