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Pak-Afghan ties in future

Aid from the United States and other countries, and the Taliban government’s relationship with Pakistan will shape Afghanistan’s future. The Washington-based American Institute of Peace has reminded the United States and its allies that humanitarian aid alone cannot stop the economic collapse in Afghanistan.

Elizabeth Tharlakeld said that future assistance to the Afghan government from the United States and its allies would shape the country’s future. According to him, the extent of foreign aid to Afghanistan, especially support from Pakistan, will be a decisive factor in determining Afghanistan’s future. A report comprising interviews with Afghan and Pakistani experts identifies key factors that exist between the conflicts and relations between the two countries, as well as explains how bilateral relations could affect future outcome in Afghanistan.

After all, despite these stories, I urge the Taliban government to use its relations with the whole region properly so that tomorrow does not affect your government and your population. I am sure that the Afghan Taliban government have a good relationship with Pakistan and will continue to do well.



Purpose of education

There are three purposes of education; number one is that it must make a human responsible in society. The real purpose of education is to make every human to be a better person with love for oneself as well as for his nation or others. We must understand that a child is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit. Education in the modern days should aim at building a new society of love, justice, equality and peace.

It is the lamb which should kindle the fire in preparation for the adventures of like and to face any kind of situation with confidence. Enlightenment is the 2nd purpose of education that enables a person with ignorance to awareness of life . It makes the person to do meaningful actions. It enlightens the person with soul purpose of his life on earth. 3rd one is knowledge development which makes the individual to decide his life.

It enables the persons to widen his knowledge of everything that happens around him and around the world. It imparts both worldly and spiritual knowledge.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae and lambs

To meet the ever increasing food demand of the mounting population, optimum growth and development of ruminants is imperative. In Pakistan, 32 million sheep serve as an important source of nutrition and much emphasis is given to improve digestibility and growth performance.

Feed supplementations, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae, are frequently employed in livestock to increase productivity and are considered suitable growth promoters over antibiotics to prevent the development of antimicrobial resistance in consumers.

In Pakistan, most of the feed additives including saccharomyces erevisiae are imported from technologically-advanced countries. However, due to the recent scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently constraints of shipment, the reliance of the livestock industry on import items has become a point of concern for farmers and stakeholders. The positive impact of yeast supplementation in ruminants has been well documented but the effectiveness of indigenously produced live yeast is not well researched.

Therefore, the objective of this study was to compare the effect of the local strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae on anthropometric parameters, serum biomarkers, ruminal fermentation parameters, and tissue histomorphometry with that of commercial yeast in lambs. For this purpose, Thirty pre-weaned male Lohi lambs were divided into; C (Control; starter diet with no supplement), CY (started diet supplemented with 1gm/animal/day commercial yeast), and LY (starter diet supplemented with 1gm/animal/day local yeast).

Dry matter intake (DMI) and body weights were calculated periodically. Blood samples were analyzed for blood urea nitrogen (BUN), glucose and fatty acid profiles, while ruminal fluid and tissues were collected for rumen fermentation parameters, histology and electrophysiology. The results revealed that the DMI and weight gain were higher in the CY and LY compared to the lambs in the C treatment. BUN, total proteins, cholesterol, creatinine, blood glucose,



Raging floods cause havoc in Bangladesh

As reported by the international media, fresh floods hit Bangladesh. Heavy monsoon downpours in BD’s north-eastern and northern regions have stranded hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of homes have been inundated.

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) says severe floods in the Sylhet division of Bangladesh have affected over six million people. The NRC has called for urgent support to the communities living at the forefront of the climate crisis.

The International Community, including the UN, should rise to the profoundly distressing situation and gear up its assistance and relief work in areas devastated by the raging floods. Pakistan too shouldn’t lag behind in this unparalleled humanitarian endeavour. It should stand by its Bengali brethren and provide them every possible support in their times of need.




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