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Foreign Remittances

Reliance on Foreign Remittances from expatriates as a permanent reliable source of revenues for annual budget does not bode well for our economy. Almost 85% of these foreign remittances are sent by our expatriate skilled, semi-skilled workers and professionals working on work visas in the Gulf, Middle East, etc. to support their families back home. They are likely to decrease because of economic recession, politics and policies of countries to cut down reliance on foreign workers, or alternate choices of cheaper labour. The reverse flow from Pakistan to foreign countries will continue as long as the ruling elite (civil, uniformed and political) deciding our economic policies have split loyalties and vested interests.

Only 15% of our professionals and skilled workers living with their families in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc., send part of their savings to support their aged parents, sisters etc. With the passage of time, these remittances are likely to reduce and finally cease when the aged parents etc, are no longer alive. The children of families holding foreign nationalities, will have no emotional attachment with their relatives living back home and these remittances will cease. Unfortunately, the reverse flow of foreign exchange from Pakistan is likely to increase, when these aged dual nationals or their surviving children start selling their inherited or allotted assets here. As if this was not enough, the fact is that large majority of present salaried civil and uniformed elite, alongwith few within political elite have already shifted their families to foreign countries during service or post-retirement. The quantum of foreign exchange transferred through regular and irregular channels is on the rise and exceeds almost 60% of total foreign remittances. Millions are being transferred and islands have been purchased by few who held sensitive assignments.



Timbers’ troubles

The verbatim illustration of the timber mafia is worthless since they are swallowing our country’s beauty for long sans handling no impediments in their way. Illegal cutting of forests, dwindling wilderness and illicit advantages is the grim picture of our society created by the timber mafia. Gruesome numbers of cutting areas are some 43,000 annually which is the greatest number in the entire Asia continent which means we are the most devastating state in Asia. The doldrums in forestry miserably swelling by the day sans no action, no obstruction, dwindled attention and no devolution being in sight and that was never expected by the higher administration and authorities. For the most dwindled price, the timber mafia is adding a miserable cause to the increase in climate change, for which the conferences are being held in the world. Think, a country’s allure is getting diminished for a penny since the timber mafia is selling only for 31 rupees to the traders which then get sold for more than 3000 rupees per cubic feet. What is it if not misery?

The government should even hang the timber mafia gangs since they are mostly responsible for the accumulation of temperature in Pakistan and the world as a whole, if not controlled, may lead us to miserable circumstances, though we are living in it , any further step of the timber mafia would lead to a malaise state succinctly. This cacoethes would only come to an end if the rehabilitation of law and order takes place. We as a nation should be an impediment in the way of destruction of our beauty and charm for a better life, future and generation since the timber mafia, for pennies, is adding another misery in the climate and country getting cadaverous.




Deforestation has been unresolved enigma in Pakistan. According to the World Wide Fund, Pakistan is the second largest country in Asia for deforestation. Deforestation gives birth to many problems inclining air, noise and water pollution. In the contemporary word, deforestation seriously harms birds and aquatic life.

The production of fish is declining and most of birds have left their nests. Unfortunately, melodic and chirping sounds of birds are replaced with horrible scenarios. Hence, the powerful segment of society should wake up from their deep slumber and take decisive actions at the earliest.



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