Voice of the people


Highly paid challans

I am writing to tell about the new rates of challans which have been approved by government and would be applied by Motorway Traffic Police on violation of traffic rules. Before this rule the rate of challans on LTV vehicles is 1500PKR which has been increased to 2500PKR and also on HTV challan rate will be increased to 10000PKR due to the violation of traffic rules on Motorway.
Due to this benevolent action of government, maybe, incidents which happen on Motorway will reduce. Everyone would think to drive carefully and would try his best to avoid violation of traffic rules. If, on the other hand, someone maybe in emergency he crosses the limit and breakes the rules. So Motorway police stops him and fine. If the driver of a vehicle who breakes the rules cannot afford such big amount of challan then what will Motorway police do; have they some relaxation for him or not?
I request the government to reduce the amount of challan at minimum level which can be paid by people easily.

Girl kidnapped in Karachi

I don’t care who disagrees with me but this is what it is. Animals are better than people nowadays. After the recent incident of a girl getting kidnapped and after reading the comments on social media that “how she was dressed and all” like what is wrong with some people. Think twice if that girl was your daughter, your wife, your mom anyone from your family will you like it if someone say like this?
Pray that she is found soon and pray for that person who got shot pray for him and her speedy recovery.
After this and the condition of our country I am scared to go out even with my dad or with my brother I swear. I request the government and police please do something for the safety of nation.

Indo-Pak tension

Cultural exchange is considered to be one of the many ways through which peace can be achieved among countries. But in the case of Pakistan and India, it is this exchange of culture that is deliberately being held from occurring. India has banned Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood while Pakistan has banned Indian content from being aired on our channels, on the plea that it is ‘damaging our culture However, just as poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar recently said in an interview, “Restricting art in the name of cultural damage is wrong and such things should not happen, neither in Pakistan nor India.” Despite the fact that airing each other’s shows in other’s country will help reduce the animosity between the two estranged neighbours, each also cannot rule out the fact that we were once a single country and have a similar culture. So to say that one country’s culture will damage another’s makes little sense, as both of them have a similar yet diverse culture. It has been over 70 years and tension between the two neighbours only seem to escalate with time. Sincere efforts need to be made by both governments towards peace and peaceful coexistence.

Exam stress

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines juvenescence as the period of life between 10-19 years. Adolescence is a period of stress and strain. Adolescents are special groups because of their developmental stage and the special problems.
Examination in school or college is a part of academic life. Examination stress is better prevented than treated. A systematic, persistent, organized, planned and regular effort from the beginning of the academic session is the best method for any adolescent to prevent anxiety related to examination.
Suicide is currently one of the highest causes of deaths among students, now that is being more followed due to exam stress.
All the students are under the huge pressure of their exams. Their aim is only to score highly in their exams. Thus, they are always under a wondrous pressure and competition in their student lives.
As a result, many of them complains a lot of physical as well as mental issues preparing for their exams. It is a very common problem for the students at all levels of education like school, college or even universities round the globe.Such problems are very severe and can causes serious consequences in their lives.
Due to pressure of exam even they don’t eat proper food that could affect more on student’s health, because the brain needs a variety of nutrients to be able to function optimally.
On the other hand, parents expect a lot from their children and therefore pressurise them to perform well in exams. However, keeping high expectations and pressurising children during exams can cause exam stress in them, another type of pressure where the parent compare their grades with those of their peers that are good in grades, children feelings bogged down due to the pressure of expectations from their immediate family members. There is an unfortunate inclination in some parents to fulfill their dreams through their kids and in the process they fail to realise that they are exerting undue pressure on the young minds at a very tender age.
The children are made to understand that they are required to attain good grades. This enhances the exam stress and this is also an undesired practice student’s anxiety levels become further high.
These types of stress involve them in compulsion there by they come across to suicide and lose their precious lives. It is high time that some ways and means must be adopted to lessen the level of stress. They should indulge the students in games, sports, yoga, etc to combat stress. Educationists and policymakers must bring out a pro-child policy. This will surely calm their nerves and refresh them better to cope with the usual inevitable pressure.

Obesity in teenagers

Obesity is spreading rapidly in Pakistani youth, which causes high blood pressure, increasing cholesterol, diabetes, laziness and other diseases. These diseases are result of over eating wrong food, junk food and cold drinks.
Our culture has a tendency to over emphasis on hearty breakfasts that is not healthy, paratha, halwa poori, lassi etc similar food rich in calories are repeated for lunch and dinner as well. Our youth love to eat junk food than the food cooked at home, which are unhealthy for them.
This unhealthy and wrong selection of foods results in obesity, which is the mother of all diseases.
Physical activities and gym culture especially for girls are not in vogue in Pakistani society. Our education system also does not promote a healthy lifestyle.
In my opinion healthy lifestyle awareness should be added to the school course. The government should start awareness campaign for diet and physical activities otherwise the consequences of obesity on the nation will be drastic.

Be watchful and careful

This is to draw attention of Federal Science and Technology Minister Ch Fawwad Hussain through these columns to be watchful and careful about what he is doing and saying in the public. It has been noticed that he often talks outside his domain without realizing that he was Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister but he has since long been replaced by Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan as the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on I & B.
He should also differentiate between what is to be said in the public, before the media and in tweets and what, particularly something which is drastically outside his domain, in the cabinet and party meetings.
Lately, he has been talking and saying in the public what should strictly be pointed in the cabinet and party meetings to be discussed at these appropriate platforms and only said outside before the media or in the public.
There are many instances to be quoted regretfully and painfully in this regard reflecting on ill-advised and out-of-domain by the Federal Science and Technology Minister. Just for instance, the pother day Prime Minister/PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted about formulation of practical code of ethics prior to the possibility of students unions revival, The Federal Minister said publicly, as reported on the electronic media, that the students unions be revived immediately without realizing in saying so he is trying to bypass the Prime Minister.
In accomplishing the desire to be on the electronic media channels on every relevant and irrelevant issue/matter most of the time, one should not forget that as the Federal Minister one is bound to follow the government as well as the party policies, please. Thanks.