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Writ of State

Pakistan is a Muslim majority state created through a political and constitutional struggle led by Quaid-e-Azam who on 11 August 1947 elaborated his vision that it would be modern democratic welfare with a constitution as the supreme law.

For any individual to be a Muslim there are two fundamental pillars, namely that there is only One Almighty Allah SWT Who is sole master of the universe and all that exists, while the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is His last and final messenger.

Naooz-o-Billah if any individual has any doubt about these two fundamental pillars of Islam, he/she is automatically cast out and rejected from the fold of Islam in the eyes of Almighty SWT.

The state has no role in this, nor is it authorized to certify who is a good or a bad Muslim, nor who is Sadiq and Ameen, because that is the sole jurisdiction of the Almighty.

MAJ and all pioneers of the struggle for the creation of Pakistan were very clear, that all citizens were equal before the law, enjoying basic fundamental rights, irrespective of their faith, creed, sex, ethnicity and creed.

Unfortunately, after the Quaid’s death, democracy was derailed, the First Constituent Assembly dismissed and Jinnah’s modern democratic welfare state replaced by a security state.

The British Raj policy of divide and rule was adopted by dictators to prevent any united struggle to restore Jinnah’s vision.

Religion was exploited and politicians of integrity banned under EBDO in 1959 were replaced by opportunists and religious parties promoting sectarian divide.

Extremism and political intolerance were patronized and state sovereignty compromised to fight proxy wars.

Jihadist factories funded by CIA emerged and seminaries which were once devoted to religious studies became the tools to brainwash young males to fight proxy wars.

The established principle that the State alone must have sole monopoly over use of force through disciplined uniformed forces was compromised and private militias allowed to be formed.

Sensitive state institutions were involved in political engineering, creating armed militant wings to achieve their objectives. MQM was one such organization and so is TLP which emerged on the scene in 2017.

In November 2020, TLP again took to the streets and strangely against all international norms, an unconstitutional and illegal agreement was signed by federal minsters on sensitive matters involving France.

For the past two weeks, TLP has again gone berserk, its activists have resorted to use of force, killed several policemen and injured hundreds of them, blocking highways and cities.

In April 2021, TLP was declared a terrorist organization, while its political wing remains enlisted with ECP, because the State has failed to file a reference with SCP.

The Federal Interior Minister who was one of the signatories of Nov 2020 agreement has now declared them a militant wing.


Horrifying hospitals

To save one human life is to save the whole humanity and hospitals are regarded as the life saving places in the world.

On the contrary, if you have a round to the hospital in interior Sindh, you would lose your faith in the aforementioned dogma.

Condition of majority of the hospitals is so pathetic that one can’t even imagine in this era of science & technology.

Most of the hospitals lacks infrastructure needed for medical assistance. The wheel chairs and stretchers are found in pitiable condition, which can hardly be moved.

The medicine facilities are only available at the medical stores available in the vicinity of hospitals.

The oxygen masks are shifted to patient to patient which is an open violation of code of patient care.

Most of the doctors have completely forgotten the Hippocratic Oath as many of them are busy in making money at their private medical centres.

The concerned health department must devise out a tangible and feasible plan for providing the basic necessities in hospitals and Doctors Monitoring Unit may also be activated to ensure the doctors’ presence in OPD timings.

Agra, Sindh

MGI Summit

Prime Minister Imran Khan has officially visited Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz.

In Riyadh, PM Imran Khan attended the launching ceremony of the Middle East Green Initiative Summit. He shared his perspective about climate change challenges which developing countries are facing.

He has highlighted the experience of Pakistan that for addressing environmental challenges nature-based solutions have been launched in the country.

Since PM launched 10 billion Tree Tsunami project and Clean and Green Pakistan project a huge change has been observed in the climate threat.

However, Crown Prince’s motive to launch Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East Initiative is to prevent the nature and planet.

In order to get Pakistani workforce and welfare more opportunities, Prime Minister Imran Khan has discussed about a bilateral relationship with Saudi leaders and the focus be on trade relations and advancing economy. Approximately two million Pakistanis have made Saudi Arabia their home.

It, hence, won’t be incorrect to mention they are attributing for the prosperity and progress of the two countries.


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