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Rising unemployment

It is an established fact that unemployment has become number one problem of Pakistan. This is growing by leaps and bounds not only in rural areas but also in urban areas of Pakistan. Many top universities of Pakistan producing thousands of young graduates every year but failing to get a good job on completion of their degree.
Talented young people are discarded and eventually engage in anti-social activities that can prove detrimental to society. Highly educated young men and women taking jobs of drivers, janitors, cleaners, etc. because of a fear of being homeless.
In Pakistan, unemployment rate is very high. The condition of unemployment is leading towards depressing state and main reason is poor education system, running under the government. The parents spend huge amount of money on their children’s education, but jobs are rare and hard to find. Sadly, the government is not taking any action to control unemployment problem in Pakistan. This is a very alarming situation especially for youth as they are looking to get a job as soon as they have a degree in their hands.
To address this persistent issue we should dig deep into the reasons behind this issue. I would like to suggest that both government and private sector should take joint initiative to solve this persistent issue. Proper economic planning, effective government policies, law and order situation in the country should be improved. 

Ban on issuance of arms licenses

Sindh Cheif Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah lifted a ban on issuance of arms licenses in the province. The prohibited bore arms include AK-47, machine guns, sub-machine guns, etc. Non-prohibited bore arms are shotguns, revolvers, pistols, etc. The CM further said that citizens who fulfil all requirements of Sindh Arms Act, 2013 and Sindh Arms Rules, 2018 would be authorised to keep guns.
The decision has been taken to control target killing and other such crimes in the province. I appreciate the decision of CM of Sindh and I wish other provinces would implement the same in order to finish crimes in their provinces.
Turbat, Balochsitan

Calcium awareness

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in human body. You have more calcium in your body than any other mineral. Calcium has many important jobs. The body stores more than 99 percent of its calcium in the bones and teeth to keep them strong.
The rest is found in blood, muscles and fluid between cells. Your body needs calcium to help muscles and blood vessels contract and expand, to secrete hormones, enzymes and to send messages through the nervous system.
Earliest symptoms of calcium are muscle aches, cramps and spasms. People tend to feel in thighs arms and backbone. Low-level calcium can affect skin and nails. Deficiency also leads to osteopenia, osteoporosis, depression and dental problems. For calcium we all need some sun exposure.
When skin is exposed to sun, our body make vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium for stronger and healthier bones. Bones are the repository sites of calcium in the body. Milk is good for healthy bones and teeth because it offers a rich source of calcium.
The normal range for adults is 8.8 – 10.4 mg per dl. Children require more calcium than adults, and any level lower than 8.8 mg/dl constitutes a deficiency. According to a British University report in 2015, 3.5 billion people are at risk for calcium deficiency worldwide. A joint survey by Pakistani Universities worked on 252 participants. While 41% were calcium and vitamin D deficient, 78 percent reported symptoms consistent with these deficiencies, including pain in back legs and weakness every time. But in every society women have failed to care for their health that is causing calcium or D deficiency as a result causing joints pain and making them weak.

Why world is silent?

Whole world remains silent over Kashmiris genocide and almost all Muslims countries, except few, expressed no worthy reaction on this issue and did not come forward immediately to stop Muslim genocide in Kashmir. Now this has become greatest human tragedy in the world.
Innocent people of Kashmir are tolerating a very difficult time in their entire history while Pakistan is not silent on this issue and is urging upon all to help stop Indian massacre of Kashmiri men, women and children.
Indian Army oppression is increasing day by day in Kashmir. After 112 days citizens of Kashmir are under a violent siege, but India should know that 220 million people and volunteers are always standing shoulder to shoulder in support of Kashmirs. How fascist Modi could win hearts of Kashmiris by killing them?

Underage marriage

Unfortunately in Pakistan the issue of underage marriage is a worsening woe. This inadvisable practice is present all over the country. In many cases, parents who are burdened by their children marry off their daughters at an early age to even elderly men with out their consent. This is a sickening matter This forced marriage issue is not only destroying our youth and denying them their basic rights, but also threatens their life and health because of early pregnancies.
The provincial governments ought to take appropriate steps in order to eradicate this bad practice from the country. The parents should be held accountable for such acts that often lead to harmful consequences for girls

Why Balochistan is backward?

There are lot of reasons yet two main reasons for being backward is we are uneducated and second we always highlight our cast. It is very sad to say that in today’s world many Baloch are uneducated especially Baloch female. I am not wrong if I mention that 55% Baloch are uneducated?
These things cannot allow us to become successful and also can’t let us to be united. If we work out solution of these two problems than we will progress much quicker. And last request to Baloch people that please get education and don’t bring your cast in any matter.
Turbat, Balochistan

Fashion craze

Craze for fashion has obsessed all young minds. Young students are mad after modern fashions. They spend their time and money recklessly on fashions. they wish to look smart after the latest style. They like to dress up like film actors and actresses. Many students have made fashions a matter of prestige and in doing so they sacrifice their studies. They are very particular about latest ‘cut’ and ‘wear’ of the day. Boys look like ‘dandies’ whereas girls look like butterflies. Girls wear such dresses that expose their bodies. They like to wear tight-fitting clothes. Even their hairstyles are copied from film stars.
The craze for fashions is not without apparent hazards. Certain fashions provoke laughter from on-lookers. Young students must understand that their first duty is to study and to groom their minds and personalities so that they become decent human beings. If they spend all their time in running after fashions, they will also not be able to do well in their examinations. Parents and teachers must inculcate in them a love for simple living.

Desecration of Holy Quran

Islamophobia, racism and religious hatred have been giving rise to various hate crimes against Muslims in various countries around the globe, mostly in the West. Similar appalling act of desecration of Holy book Al-Quran was witnessed in recent days, where a man could be seen burning a copy of Holy book during anti-Islam protests in Norway. To stop this blasphemy, a Muslim man could be seen jumping into the barricaded circle to save the holy book from being burned/desecrated.
The narrative of Islam linked to terror and violence is still sold widely in the West, thereby brainwashing a majority through planned propaganda and campaigns against Muslim to demonise Muslims and Islam in the eyes of their public. There is a notorious hypocrisy by these nations wherein Islamophobia-related acts are prevalent. An act of violence becomes an act of terror if a Muslim is involved, while violent acts based on Islamophobia are always veiled under the terms like reaction to growing Muslim terrorism, mental disability, xenophobia of some individual etcetera.
You burn our Holy book, profane our Prophet (PBUH) and demolish our venerated holy places, thereby hurting sentiments of around 1.9 billion Muslims, and justify them all with a deeply embedded generalisation of ‘Islam being a violence-sponsoring religion and Muslims as radical stingers’ in minds of your people. Isn’t this a malicious hypocrisy that is now being exposed?

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