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Budget and salaries

Finance Minister and his team have tried to give an improved outlook of fiscal budget 2021-22 yet it has utterly upset federal government employees.

While the cost of living in Pakistan is higher than the cost of living elsewhere in many countries in the region yet recent increase in salaries of the federal government employees is not in line with skyrocketing inflation.

Utilities are expensive. Public transportation, including rail and taxis, are also expensive in across the country.

The present rulers’ justification in the budget is not plausible in any manner. But who cares because our rulers don’t pay utilities, among others, from their own pocket so why should they feel the pain of masses and poor employees.

Kids and online gaming

Whenever we think about a play gag for kids, often recall memories of the time when we were kids.

We recall a variety of games played physically while being mentally fresh and healthy at the same time.

Kids and children were more energetic, enthusiastic and they hardly knew online gaming? As far as I remember I only played Nintendo.

But for our curiosity nowadays a new form of gaming has emerged as an Internet global hub and interest spark for today’s generation of kids because of these varieties of online gaming and lack of physical content with nature.

It’s not only about what children play over may concern the parents most, but it is also how they’re behaving and respecting others and using indecent language that often causes bad temperament.

Today children are physically week and ill mannered, they lack focus and most importantly respect. This leads to smoking and use of drugs that further leads to mental illnesses etc.

Police brutality

Every now and then we see and hear law-enforcers are taking the law into their own hands with impunity.

A few days ago, in Karachi, a man was allegedly beaten black and blue and was killed by cops over a minor offence of chatting with friends on the street during smart lockdown in the area.

his barbaric act of police is unbearable. Several incidents have also been reported from across Pakistan in which delivery-boys, shop-owners and small transporters have been fatally beaten or harassed by cops, without even bothering to ascertain if they belong to the category exempted from smart lockdown.

Police must be reformed and let government ensure that policeman follow the law as well.
Nawabshah, Sindh

No price check on motorways

It is no surprise that violation of official price lists of different items in hotels, restaurants and tuck shops established on highways and motorways is going on and no government authority has ever checked this trend.

I wish to inform DC Sargodha to probe tuck shops in Sargodha M2 Motorway, where official rates are openly being violated up to 40% against actual prices.

The selling price of Shezan Juice, Spout chewing item and soft drink (1ltr) was Rs.50 from Rs.30 (actual), Rs. 50 from Rs.30 (actual) and Rs.100 from Rs 80 (actual) respectively. It is high time to put a stop to such sharp practices so that general public could enjoy such facilities at affordable prices.
Larkana, Sindh

Job dilemma

Already there is so much unemployment in our country. Whenever a young candidate or fresh graduate gets a call for an interview, first thing asked is how many years of relevant experience? I mean, how can a fresh graduate student have experiences of years?
Also, there is no such concept of jobs for teenagers in our country.

When a young boy or a girl picks a part-time job of serving or delivering at any restaurant our society sees them with a scorned eye.

We should erase our narrow-mindedness, there is no shame in doing such a job unless you are doing it on your own, for your own needs.

Hub water management

Hub chowki is located in distract Lasbela and borders Karachi city. Fortunately Hub chowki has a dam yet water is not clean and so undrinkable.

The water provided from dam to city is treated to make it usable yet for Hub chowki there is no clean water. The people are compelled to buy filtered water for drinking.

The water, which is transferred to city via canal, is impure as it is filled with filth and even people are washing clothes and taking bath. On the other hand tankers mafia is supplying this untreated water to people for drinking.
Hub Balochistan

Water is most precious natural resource in the world. Without water there would be no life on earth.

Unfortunately severe water problem exist in Gulshan-i- Hadeed phase –1, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi.

There was no water problem in our society till 2019, it started in 2020 and is still going on.

The residents of our society are facing many problems due to water crisis. Many of the residents have installed expensive boring to get water for their homes. But what about those who cannot afford boring, how could overcome their water problems.

The water that comes through boring system is hard water, which is harmful for health and due to expensive electricity, electric motors used bring hefty electric bills.

The water problem has made our lives difficult. The water supply company should improve their system. There should at least be supply of water for 3 days every week.

Water Supply Company must solve this problem as soon as possible so that we can manage our lives easily.
Via email

Losing popularity

The present situation in India clearly suggests that a majority of people will not (and should not) vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the next elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did nothing when the people of India were dying outside banks while standing in long queues during the 2015 demonetisations drive

. He also did nothing when labourers and migrant workers were dying on the roads after they were forced to flee their temporary homes during the 2020 lockdown.

Now, he is doing nothing when people are dying outside hospitals due to a lack of hospital beds and the shortage of oxygen cylinders and Covid-19 vaccines in the country.

In the middle of a pandemic, the PM, however, is busy campaigning for the next elections.
Mumbai, India

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