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Construction near Islamabad Airport

Pakistan’s CAA is already under scrutiny by ICAO and EU for its failure and capability to perform the role of a regulatory authority.

All airlines operating under PCAA are restricted from operating into the European Union airspace and other countries, till such time, a Safety Audit of its capacity to perform its regulatory functions is evaluated by ICAO and EASA, even if COVID19 pandemic is contained.

All Pakistani airports used by commercial aviation have been declared Red for Bird Activity and a Flight Safety Hazard.

Even though constructions within the 15 KM Safe Zone have been issued NOC by CAA or a waiver granted, the commercial airlines operating from these airports have to offload Revenue Load to meet mandatory safe vertical separation in case of critical engine failure.

Bird activity in the vicinity of all airports is a consequence of residential and commercial construction where people reside or gather, and waste that accumulates attracts birds.

The design and award of contracts for construction of New Islamabad Airport was carried out under supervision of CAA.

Within months of scheduled operation starting from Islamabad airport, there have been numerous incidents of roof leaking or collapsing, while the two parallel Runways built for simultaneous arrivals and departures cannot be used because the horizontal separation is lesser than the minimum required.

As if this was not enough, CAA and District Administration have allowed housing societies to emerge near Islamabad airport and a few of them have managed to get an NOC/ Waiver for height restrictions.

As long as CAA and all SOE are considered spoils of war and instead of appointing qualified professionals, they become dumping grounds for retired or serving civil or uniformed officers and political cronies, they will continue to be a burden on the Exchequer.

IK three years

Imran Khan’s three-year rule has been a mix of successes and failures that include lack of good governance, high level of borrowing and frequent Cabinet changes.

Although his target of 50 lakh homes has not materialised, the much-lauded Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is now underway.

Pakistan’s economic deficit has been reduced and exports are up. The Pak Rupee is getting stronger against the US Dollar. Unlike India, the PTI government has successfully brought the coronavirus pandemic under control.

While the PTI government has made some foreign policy gains, we should ideally reduce dependence for financial assistance on the IMF.

Relations with Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Iran have improved. CPEC should further strengthen Pakistan’s future economic standing.

In September 2019 the PM attended and addressed the UN General Assembly in New York where he strongly articulated our stand against terrorism and Islamophobia, an EU concern.

He also highlighted Indian actions on the LoC and withdrawal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which had given special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Pak-US ties are somewhat strained after high-level contacts between PM Modi and ex-US President Trump to undermine the CPEC by singling out China-Pak relations and giving India a greater role in South Asia and the Pacific.

Since the PM has almost two years more to complete his term, economic and social conditions within Pakistan need the PM’s attention.

Corruption needs to be controlled across the board with destruction of the sugar and atta mafias.

Prices of key items such as atta, sugar, vegetables, medicines and utility bills must be controlled. Recent defeats of PTI candidates in the Daska and Karachi by-elections are a wake-up call.

The opposition PDM’s lack of unity has been a bonus for the PTI government. The government needs continued hard work to achieve its goals.

Metropolitan issues

On the behalf of the people, I wish to draw your kind attention towards the major and deep-rooted metropolitan issues in our nearby areas as well as throughout city.

Most common are racial segregation, concentration of poverty, poor health, nutrition, poor schools, crime, violence, shortage of water supply, miserable condition of our hospitals, poor sanitation and disaffection of young people and many more through your renowned newspaper.

I want to draw attention of the authorities towards poor sanitation as there are heaps of garbage spreading everywhere.

Sewage water is also seen in open areas. This situation is responsible to spread various diseases like dengue, malaria, fever.

People are facing severe water crisis and want immediate attention of the government. The problem is getting worse day by day. We have lodged complaints many times, but things remain the same.

There is garbage heaps accumulated in and around our hospitals. They are not removed regularly that is harmful for patients.

Doctors, nurses and other premedical staff gossip to each other neglecting their duties and responsibilities, food supplies to patients are not healthy and prepared carefully. Poor patients do not get lifesaving drugs free of cost in hospitals.

They do not get good treatment. When it comes to crime and violence issues it is spreading a lot and a normal person get afraid of all this unusual activity. All this needs to stop forever.

Government may take note of it and take some preventive measures to minimize its disadvantages. All we need to save our mankind.

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