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An open letter to Indian PM

Dear Mr Prime Minister: Compelled by the awfully catastrophic and heart-wrenching Covid-19 situation that has overwhelmed India in particular and the entire world in general, I am penning this message to you.

Mr. Prime Minister, all that I continue to watch in the international media and the social media vis-à-vis the rapidly deteriorating Covid situation in India brings tears in my eyes and makes me spontaneously raise my hands in prayers, every moment, for the profoundly distressed people of your country.

Allow me to let you know that people belonging to every segment of the Pakistani society are extremely perturbed about the devastation that this ghastly virus is ruthlessly causing to their brethren in India.

They are incessantly engaged in praying to God Almighty to have mercy on the devastated people of India in particular and the world in general, and eradicate this lethal virus from the surface of this earth completely and expeditiously.

Let me assure you Mr. Prime Minister, the offer for help made by Pakistan Premier Imran Khan, and different segments of the civil society of the country, is unfeigned to the core. There are simply no strings attached to this offer.

So, have no doubts whatsoever. Let us make all out efforts to defeat this lethal virus jointly, and expeditiously steer our suffering people out of these awfully difficult times. May God Almighty have mercy on mankind.

Pak-India relations

This refers to cartoon with caption” Back channel diplomacy” published in your esteemed paper on 26 April.

The cartoon depicts real time existing relations between two countries, although opposed to each other but at the same time both are happy to come to closer through back channel diplomacy, as both are willing and ready to extend full cooperation.

Although Pakistan has denied any talks through back channel diplomacy but we have been requesting the powers which matter to persuade Modi to review his wrong decision taken on Kashmir and resolve outstanding issue of Kashmir as envisaged in the UN Resolution.

With back door diplomacy both sides will have face saving and that should be welcomed
The distinguished feature of the cartoon is that both sides look pretty comfortable and in happy mode simply reflects that ice has melted.

Let us hope for the best in coming days, Pakistan as a gesture of good will has already extended full cooperation and help in hours of distress when India is under severe attack of Covid-19, it is for India to avail this opportunity that would be a great step towards normalisation

Surge in IT exports

Rise in exports is a strong indicator of economic revival. Reference to a news published in the section of Press that there has been a rise of 58 percent during March 2021 against the corresponding period of last fiscal year.

According to a report by Arif Habib Limited, IT exports touched $213 million dollar last month.

During current Covid -19 scenario, IT industry significance by default has increased. ‘Work from home’ is the only way out to work.

IT and cellular companies such as PTCL, Ufone, Zong, Telenor and Jazz must focus on flawless and speedy Internet services to large consumer bases across the country.

All these companies must realise the seriousness of the issue and do all whatever is possible to keep the country connected through undisrupted Internet supply. Businesses have been badly affected due to Covid -19 and lockdowns.

People have either lost jobs or are being paid half of salaries. In such a bleak scenario, consumers manage to pay monthly bills for internet and broadband services as there is no other way they can work and cope with the ‘new normal’.

All the above companies must realize the fact that consumers should be given less and less inconvenience and in case there is a disruption in services immediate remedial measures must be taken to rectify the situation.

Garbage problem

Karachi is a very populated city and as a result collection of garbage has become a huge problem with each passing day. The garbage situation is getting bad to worse day-by-day.

People throw their garbage anywhere in open areas, roads and streets sometime blocking them. Garbage is also thrown in open sewage drains giving rise to many harmful diseases.

Garbage problem has become a serious health hazard for citizens, as mosquitoes and flies flourish and get multiplied giving rise to unhygienic atmosphere and diseases.

Would civic agencies ever realise their responsibility and take steps to give people a clean Karachi?

Dowry system

Through esteemed column of your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards prevailing dowry system in our country and in south Asian society. This dowry system has no place in Islam yet it’s quite rampant in Hindus.

In the past dowry during marriages was common in only aristocratic class, they celebrated their daughter marriages very grandly giving them lands, jewels, properties and large cash.

Very rich people can afford to give lands, houses and vehicles as dowry, yet at present it’s not possible. Some families voluntarily adopted this trend to show-off and compete with each other.

It has become a necessity that brides bring dowry to her husband’s house at the time of her marriage otherwise it would be very difficult to find suitable bridegroom for her.

So dowry is a source of both joy and curse in the society. It is joy to husband and his relatives who get cash, jewellery, costly dresses etc.

In poor families sometimes the father of a young bride has to take loan from the bank or had to sell property to meet demands of a groom. In short dowry causes great economic burden on brides’ family.