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Modi, murderer of own soldiers!

Apart from an unending list-of-crimes against terrorist-Modi, at last, Indian media has brought another crystal-clear witness how (he) orchestrated Pulwama attack to malign Pakistan by crushing more than 40 Indian soldiers. O’ what a heinous crime it was/is (even) against humanity (!?) After crushing soldiers, Modi threw crocodile tears on dead bodies to befool international community. And, he, started false-flag-operation against Pakistan by sending jets for striking inside Balakot. Brave Pakistan air-force shot down two planes caught one pilot, and later-on returned back to prove its peace credentials. So, saved South Asia from becoming ash certainly!
There are (also) credible proofs that terrorist incidents which happened in India were blamed on Pakistan. A big question arises whether Modi will be held accountable in Indian judiciary/Human Rights Commission in case of murdering of his-own-soldiers (?). According to previous history of judgments, including Babri Masjid, this scribe understands that there will be no action. But; it is for the people (especially parents) of Indian soldiers to stand up against these heinous/nonsense/unending crimes committed by BJP & Co.
Unrealistic and so-called economic structural reforms have achieved nothing but nation-wide disparity, poverty and, above all, farmer’s suicides (40-50 per day). Over 300,000 farmers have killed themselves since 1990. The Indian farmers (especially) Sikhs of Punjab-Haryana… are protesting new Farm Laws. Farmers’ claim is that new laws would leave them at mercy of big Corporations of European nations!
It is time for the world community to pay serious attention towards Indian sinister designs against humanity, Pakistan, other neighbouring countries, systematic usurpation of rights & interests of Indian Sikhs and, above all, low-caste communities. Last but not the least, non-implementation of promises made with Kashmiris for freedom through a plebiscite – lying on the UN table. O’ UN come into action please…!!
Tatrinote, AK


The present age can be truly called the age of electricity as our daily life is dependent on it is every way. Without electricity, life will become hard, inconvenient and uneasy. Pakistan is facing acute shortage of electricity. According to an estimate, there are 10,000 factories in Karachi, among which approximately 30/40pc have been closed because of power shortage.
These factories were utilizing electricity and Sui gas hugely. In these factories, plastic, moulding, rubber articles, leather garments, cotton iron-made goods and many other items were being produced. According to the labour department, approximately 800,000 labourers have been laid off their jobs while 400,000 to 800,000 labourers were receiving fewer wages. Additionally, overtime facility has also been stopped by the owners on the pretext that due to load-shedding, we (owners) hardly make both ends meet. Marriage halls will no longer to host all-night wedding parties. This move of the owners has made the life of labour class miserable.
The shortage of electricity has become a headache for people of Pakistan. If this menace of loadshedding is not controlled, the people will take to the streets. The authorities concerned are requested to plan comprehensively to overcome the load shedding. The solution of this problem lies in providing the people with enough electricity in their homes, shops and factories,

Traffic issues of the city

I am writing this letter to express my concern over the traffic issue in Karachi which is getting worse day by day. Citizens are getting frustrated from the hectic journey at some specific locations. Now it’s a daily routine to have an accident on the highway, prolonging the journey to hours. Moreover, the narrow meandering roads and heavy traffic at rush hours also contribute to this problem. Broken sign boards, lack of signal and deficiency of implementing on the traffic rules by the public leads the situation to even deteriorate at a colossal extent.
To solve this problem, traffic police and Government of Pakistan must formulate new rules and strict implementation of these rules, especially at rush hours. Moreover, they should fix the broken signals and en route the heavy traffic to a different route or should make a ring road for them causing less traffic on treacherous roads. In addition to that, government should encourage public transport or use of Metro Bus for daily travel. Every pupil should also play an important part and contribute as much as he could; for example; avoiding travelling at rush hours, leave over-speeding etc.
Benefits to the residents would include; punctuality of students and employees at their institutions, reduction in air, noise and land pollution which would lead to a calmer and a safer environment and increased productivity for the region and the country. Moreover, it would lead to reduction in the rate of accidents and reduce the death rate to a huge amount. I hope you will see my letter as strong case and a popular issue in the twin-cities and will show a healthy response, publishing this in your newspaper, which is read globally.

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