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Mohammad Manik

Mohammad Manik. Till early October 2022, the 28-year-old Manik was a faceless person plying his trade as welder in a sleepy township of West Bengal. Manik had gained prominence last year by responding to his call of conscience and jumping in the fuming waters, saving at least 9 precious lives (by endangering his very own during the Durga puja immersion with the flash flood hitting the Mal river)!

Yes, Mohammad Manik (despite remaining true to Islam) not only appreciates the beauty of Durga puja immersion; but also possesses a magnanimous courageous heart to dive into the turmoil Mal to save Hindu devotees by battling for more than 2 hours!

Three months later, i.e. this January, Manik has once again hit the headlines by refusing to accept a house provided by a government scheme. He approached local BDO office to deregister himself as a beneficiary of the central housing scheme. Manik has proved that not only does he possess a valiant heart unhesitant to risk his own life for the sake of others, but also he nurtures a principled mindset full of ethics and values!

Though this gesture of Manik is very heartening to say the least, it is hardly surprising! After all, the person who is gallant enough to endanger his own life to save others from meeting their end would naturally be conscientious enough not to enjoy a subsidised house provided by the government at the expense of his more unfortunate cousins!

Would the class-conscious society, always eager to evaluate human beings through the ridiculous yardstick of academic degrees and posts, learn a lesson of morality and impeccable honesty from hut-dwelling “mere” former welder (and now civic volunteer) Mohammad Manik!


Kolkata, India

Multilateralism, Saudi Arabia joining BRICS

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are the five major emerging economies that make up the BRICS group. It was founded in 2009 to oppose Western hegemony in geopolitics and the global economy. BRICS advocates multi-polarity and international cooperation from an ideological standpoint.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other emerging economies may play a crucial role in multilateral forums as global system becomes more fluid. In order to have more diplomatic leeway in the current fractured world order, Kingdom is attempting to be a part of broader partnerships with countries other than West.

Saudi Arabia has called for Russia, and other emerging economies (including itself) to be included in the BRICS group. When South Africa joined the group in 2010, it was the last time any new member state was included. It was criticized for ignoring interests of the Global South and was viewed as a barrier against western countries.

Saudi Arabia wants to increase its global influence and reduce its dependence on only one nation. This can be interpreted as an effort to shift from its traditional function of providing raw material to a more active role in influencing global events.



Fearful criminals

Street crimes in Karachi are not a new phenomenon. What is new and alarming is the spike in such incidents over the past few months. criminal pounce on their prey without any fear as they know no one would catch them and nobody actually does. Those caught by the police are released within hours/days.

A few months ago, there were a few incidents in the city where those present on the crime scene retaliated, grabbed a few culprits and dispensed mob justice on the spot. That seems to have alerted the criminals and they take no chance, killing people at the slightest of resistance.

There have been occasions when even a show of displeasure result in death. All that the family elders can tell their younger ones is to protect their life because they are precious for their families and friends more than any valuable item.

The material loss has basically become part of the cost of living in Karachi. All the relevant authorities need to really wake up and take the matter with the seriousness it deserves before it spirals completely out of control.


Via email

Late marriages

It is much talked about child marriages but less on late marriages while this issue persists in the society owing to the main reason of unemployment. Well, it is a genuine issue owing to which many youths abstain from getting married but being unmarried is itself an issue which creates other moral and social problems in the society as well as in equilibrium.

There are also such youths in the society who are earning reasonably well but owing to hefty expenses incurred on marriage ceremonies which refrain them from getting married as their income does not allow them for saving from which they could bear marriage expenses.

This issue of late marriage needs to be addressed in the society which is directly linked with unemployment by creating employment opportunities in the country and marriage ceremonies should also be celebrated modestly so that the youth may afford to get married.