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Boosting foreign remittances

Overseas Pakistanis, both professionally qualified and unskilled workers, remit money to support their dependent families living in Pakistan. Those few, who along with their dependent families have acquired foreign citizenship hardly remit, except for investment in lucrative real estate business. This being considered as foreign investment, is legally transferable back to countries, where they reside.

Pakistani expatriates, with dependent families living in Pakistan, will continue to remit their hard earned money to support their loved ones. However, the widening gap between interbank and open market exchange rates, inflation etc., has created anxiety and losses to those who remit, and the families who are beneficiaries. This has forced our expatriates to resort to Hundi and other non-banking channels. It is also an accepted fact that the real estate investors with black money, who make billions after paying a nominal tax, patronize Hundi operators.

Foreign exchange remittances are allegedly being transferred to them abroad, whilst the poor beneficiaries of these remittances are paid in Pakistan at an exchange rate more than interbank rate. This has been going on for decades now. Those who benefit from Hundi are the powerful few corrupt elite of this country, who prefer to buy properties and settle their families abroad permanently. How else, can billions of dollars assets, be acquired abroad by few?

The Federal Government and all state institutions, if they are sincere, must rise up to face the challenge and offer our expatriates, a bonus of at least 3 to 4%, above the prevailing interbank rate, to boost much needed foreign exchange remittances. These remittances, from Gulf and Middle East, by our expatriates working on work visas, constitute major share of total remittances. The reverse flow of foreign exchange from Pakistan through non-banking channels can be curtailed, provided there is the political will and no conflicts of interest.



BRT project

The BRT project in Karachi is in full-swing but with utter disregard to the convenience of the commuters.

A drive through the University Road – one of the busiest arteries of the city – would expose the motorists to frustrating traffic jams and congestions that can be easily avoided if somebody at the concerned authority uses his brains. The aspect of road safety is totally neglected as sudden diversions appear with no warning.

This becomes even more dangerous after sunset as the streetlights either do not work or are completely missing. Motorists themselves are to be blamed as well in increasing the traffic mess. The overhead U-turn near Metro store sees motorists – cars, vans, motorcycles, etc. – coming from the opposite direction in utter disregard to their own safety (besides others’ safety) and narrow down the already narrowed road. May I request the concerned authorities to please look into this with a view to alleviate the sufferings of the frustrated motorists.



A little omission

There is a small mistake committed in the Sindhi medium book of biology of 9th class in Sindh text book. Apparently, it’s a small omission, but it could prove a blunder for young and raw minds at early stage. This went through mammy eyes when I was studying in 9th class and such error came to my notice.

The mistake found was in the chapter of cell structure. The mistake was that in the diagram of animal cell it was written as a plant cell, and in the diagram of a plant cell it was written as an animal cell. This might be small one but important too as said that little drops of an ocean make the mighty ocean and little mistakes as such which are part of our curriculum make the most if left incorrect and unnoticed. The new reader reads what is written in the book. The required correction should be made so as to avoid reading wrong stuff.



Fighting for justice

“I will stand and fight again, against what is wrong and for what is right.” These are the words of Bilkis Bano who is fighting for justice once again. Bilkis Bano has decided to once again fight for justice.

Last week, she moved the Supreme Court against the premature release of 11 convicts. I cannot even imagine the courage it must have taken for her and family to once again embark on this road for justice. All we can do is to thank her. Bilkis Bano was 21 years old and five months pregnant when she was gang-raped while fleeing the riots that broke out after the Godhra train burning incident. Her three-year-old daughter was among the seven family members killed. The 11 men convicted in the case walked out of the Godhra sub-jail on August 15 this year.


Mumbai, India

Fear of failure

Many of the people cannot move ahead in achieving their goals. By just listening this sentence, the question that will rise in your mind is why? Definitely there would be reasons to which the people remain at their place and can’t move ahead.One of the co-reason is “Fear of Failure”.

Almost one fourth population of the world is afraid of Failure. Just before doing anything, they think of their failure. As a result, slowly and gradually they fail to do anything, become depressed and take silly dicisions even to commit suicide. Do you not think, this is the serious issue among us. Now, question is that, how this issue is going to end? We all should put our heads together and find a way-out.