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Goodbye 2019

The year 2019 has completed its days and gone with some very painful memories. The worst of worst was India embracing Hindutva. Narendra Modi stripped India-occupied Kashmir’s special status.  In August, he rescinded the autonomy that Kashmir had enjoyed since independence and that was enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The move was accompanied by a compulsory curfew and blackout and the arrests of more than 5,000 people in the Muslim-majority region and made hell of their lives.
Alas! The world’s conscience remained in deep slumber and no one stood for Kashmir cause except a few countries.  In December, Indian Parliament passed a controversial law depriving migrant Muslims from having right to citizenship of India, allowing other minorities the said facility. This was followed by countrywide protests, arrests, killing of protesters and serious law & order issues. The outer skin of Indian pseudo-democracy was ripped apart revealing the monster of Hindutva that overpowered decency.  Anti-Muslim campaign of BJP ostracized India in international community but it has not moved a step back on this front.
Citizens of Pakistan faced unprecedented dearness in the price of daily use commodities, utilities and petrol. Cost of living increased manifolds for ordinary man with not an iota of relief from government. Government miserably failed in keeping up its promises of providing jobs, houses, welfare, and health facilities to masses inter alia continuing mud-slinging on opposition. Judicial activism took new turn and reached new heights. The year was one of the difficult years of this century.

Happy New Year 2020!

According to the Julian and Gregorian Calendar New Year begins with 01 January. In 45 BC first time in the world history New Year’s Day was celebrated and the Day was dedicated to Janus, god of gateways and beginnings, first month of the year is dedicated to him named January. Till now some countries follow Gregorian New Year’s calendar. In other countries they follow their calendars and the way of celebrations are in different ways.
In Pakistan, many people welcome the New Year with fun, arrange enormous parties, fireworks and on the other side many people celebrate New Year with fasting and prayers. Some people are buzz to criticize those people who celebrate New Year with fun having contradicting opinion. However, New Year signifies the start of new leap which can be embarked with sound wishes and pledges. So, celebrate this occasion warmth heartedly in line with one’s own dogmas. Wishing you happy New Year with lots of blessing Happy New Year 2020!


“Happy New Year” — Without disrespecting the sentiments attached with this greeting, it can also be safely asked would just mere utterance of it ensure happiness from the very first dawn of the fresh New Year! Rather we should work all-out unitedly to make the New Year happy for ourselves as well as for others.
“Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. If X is rendered injustice, protest should be registered not only in terms of morality; but even for selfish reasons also! Because if X gets tortured and no protest gets registered, then next day Y would be persecuted and still if it remains unprotected, then that fang of torture is sure to strike myself also in near future!
Just like millions of tiny droplets make an ocean, similarly millions of individuals form a society and so psychological assault on a single individual is also a direct assault upon the society itself. So our conscience demands that irrespective of the class or community of the victims, protest against injustice should be our urgent goal of life. Just because “I am safe” does not mean that I would remain indifferent to the tragedy of hundreds! Why can’t we see our own children on the faces of the refugee/beggar/trafficked labourer children who are witnessing hell under the Almighty’s sky! Why can’t we realise that had destiny played its cards differently, we could have found ourselves in their position as well!
Real happiness can be achieved in the society only when we will try to feel a bit of empathy in our souls for our fellow human beings. This will obviously lead to protest against injustice torture which will also put to end such ills thereby leading to a truly happy society where all days appear new enriching and worth living for.
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New Year to me is a time for new beginnings. It means fresh starts, the beginning of something new and being able to change something with yourself. This New Year, I would like to spend more time with my family and devote more time in prayer. I would also like to glorify my God much more than the previous years and give more tithes to the Church. I would also like to help the poor and the needy just like Mother Teresa when she was living on this earth.
Mumbai, India

Playing with innocent lives

Expired medicines selling issue highlighted when the Drug Regulatory Authority published a report which showed that private hospitals could be involved in selling expired medicines. The Pakistan Pharmacist Association General Secretary claimed that these expired medicines have two kinds of effects — in some cases, the medicine has a placebo effect but on the other hand, things can get bad.
This is an alarming situation to play with the lives of innocents. Drug dealers, doctors and hospitals should not play with the lives of innocents. I would like to urge the government and all other concerned authorities to look into this matter.

Exercise and its importance

Exercise is defined as “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness”. Types of exercise are Aerobic Exercise that increase breathing and heart rate, it includes walking, jogging, climbing stair & playing tennis.
Strength exercises for keeping bones and muscles strong e.g., lifting free weights and using resistance machines. Flexibility that keeps body limber and help to maintain a wide range of motion. And it includes stretching and yoga. Balance exercises are those that strengthen the body’s core and help prevent falls.
Regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart attack, lowers the blood pressure, decreases the blood cholesterol level and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. It provides strength to bones, muscles and joints and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. The person feels better with more energy, have a good mood, become more relaxed and sleep better. Exercise also blocks negative thoughts and provides an opportunity for increased social contact.

Science Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been emphasising the need for merit in the selection of Ministers and other services. What scientific merit has he found in Fawad Chaudhry as Minister for Science and Technology?
He is an eminent lawyer. Giving him the Science Ministry means depriving the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Division of his good services where he deserves more. A Science Minister should be made from amongst real scientists of international repute considering their research publications and the number of citations he has earned. Above all, he should have experience of working in a laboratory.