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Modi, Kashmir and future

India has gone berserk in Kashmir once again. Under the thumb of RSS and BJP politicians, India for sure is heading towards the ugliest state where Hindu extremists hold sway. Rarely are there instances when India remained a state where people of varied social and religious backgrounds lived in utter peace and harmony. Be it the eve of Eidul Adha or any political gathering, Hindu extremists never spare a moment to stoop so low where humanity feels ashamed. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, this practice is run of the mill. Muslims in Indian-occupied Kashmir are facing worst form of occupation and brutality for decades, without any halt in near future.
Deployment of additional 40 thousand troops at a time when a peace deal in Afghanistan is seemingly around the corner shows India’s anxiety. It never wants peace in Afghanistan because this will have Pakistan focus on its eastern border. Resultantly, Pakistan will put its greatest influence on solving Kashmir issue and mending business with India around the LoC. Imran Khan’s triumphant tour of America and Trump’s offer to mediate, showing unexpected leniency towards Kashmir’s cause and favouring Pakistan’s stance, did not bode well for India. Modi government has been at unease since then and the only option it has now is to ignite the flame in Kashmir. India knows killing Kashmiris and inflicting more pain on them hurt Pakistanis the most.
At a time when peace in South Asia can be a reality, it is better to sit and solve the issue of Kashmir. Indian aggressive mindset will never yield any positive results. Kashmiris never wanted to be a part of India. Does India really think it can muzzle Kashmiris when it could not do so in more than 60 years? The only and evident solution is to give them right to self-determination which India will have to give them sooner or later.

Criticising armed forces

This refers to article ‘Disinformation campaign against Ayub Khan by Group Captain (R) Sultan M. Hali (August 2). I do agree with the writer that there are people in Pakistan who habitually criticize armed forces to establish their credentials as liberals while some others may do so for financial gain from local or foreign sources. However, in a democratic and free society, one should not get incensed if a uniformed officer is subjected to criticism for genuine reasons, like is done with officers in all other fields.
And I must emphasize that criticizing a particular army officer for his real or even perceived wrongdoings does not amount to criticizing the armed forces as a whole. The writer says “disinformation is being spread on social media hinting Quaid-e-Azam issued orders for Ayub Khan to be superseded, thereby, implying that the Army started its interference as early as during lifetime of the Quaid. Now, would it sound any better had the alleged interference been started not exactly during the lifetime of the Quaid but some years later?
Also we know that even while a commander-in-chief, Ayub sat on the cabinet as Defence Minister. And Ayub Khan encouraged/supported Iskander Mirza to impose Martial Law and subsequently, through a military coup, took over power himself. Indeed, there was substantial material progress made in his time but it came at the cost of setting a trend for military takeovers which never let democracy firm up in Pakistan. Ethnic tension in Karachi and unrest among Bengalis were his other presents, and this was one of his nominees, General Yahya Khan, who presided over the dismemberment of Pakistan in the most shameful manner. Surely, presence of an occasional black sheep can’t be ruled out even in the finest of institutions with armed forces being no exception.

on Muslims

Observing the atrocities of the Indian army in Kashmir, I think it’s time for all especially the Muslim countries to join their hands for the Kashmiri people. Nearly 10 people have been killed in a week. Where are those claiming to fight for human rights? Is it is a Muslim state that is why nobody is bothered to talk about?
Why always Muslim countries are attacked by the non-Muslims? Be it Iraq, Libya, Syria, Kashmir or any other country, we observe that only Muslims are being attacked and still they are called “terrorists”. This hypocrisy needs to be highlighted by the Muslims if they really want their rights to be protected. But the irony is Muslims are sleeping and doing nothing, rather they are silent showing the symbol of their contentment.
Via email

Why is Modi silent?

Kuldeep Singh Sengar, the MLA belonging to the BJP who has been accused of rape in the Unnao rape case, is an embarrassment for the party. I wonder why CM Yogi Adityanath is shielding him! How much money has he paid to the police that they cannot even put him in jail? Shame on our government for shielding crooks, murderers, and rapists.
Why are PM Modi and the Home Minister mum on this issue? Is it because Kuldeep Singh Sengar belongs to the BJP, the Party which is presently in power? Why are our women treated like sex objects for men to play with in a country like ours?
Mumbai, India
Changa Manga to Sanjran gate

?It took just over 12 months for a political party to move from its proclaimed objective of Tabdeeli to complete full voyage from Changa Manga to Sanjran Gate on 14 horses available for trade and then proclaim it as victory of voice of conscience. One wonders why conscience of such individuals remains in hibernation only to wake up at the behest of powerful stakeholders who have no qualms to violate their constitutional oath not to indulge in political engineering and make a mockery of Quaid-e-Azam’s address to Staff College Quetta in 1948.
While at this subject what did these Opposition Parties expect from men they chose to nominate in Senate. Garbage in Garbage Out applies not just to computer programming but also to political programming. From their involvement in illegal forced land occupation to Benami transactions, smuggling, drug trade and all that is considered illegal and immoral in a country which claims to have been created in the name of faith that abhors all such illegalities, preaches tolerance for dissent and justice for all, this seems to be what is in store for hypocrisy.
The British Raj where we were ruled by White Man to serve HM national interest has been replaced by Brown Man who have pledged an oath of allegiance to HM or on oath revoked all loyalties they may have held in the past, now solely to serve what is required of them for national security interests of Uncle Sam.

The personal chemistry

I am quite excited and a bit happy to know that a new man named Boris Johnson has become the forefront of the worldwide attention. Yes, Johnson is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. To tell the truth, he is bubbling with energy and enthusiasm just like American President Donald Trump. Both Boris Johnson and Trump are uncannily similar to each other. And this similarity has really got my observation. I am sure this is going to be good feed to all news channels internationally.
Digging deep always reveals many interesting facts as such. Going by the historical evidence, it is very clear that many great things in the world history like revolution, economic growth, winning the battle had taken place just because of charismatic rulers and appealing people. This historical fact has been inspiring me like anything, personally and professionally. Now the ball is in the courts of both Trump and Johnson to make interesting changes to the world order through their respective amazing personal chemistry in the best interest of the international community.
Mumbai, India

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