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Knowledge corridor please!

Knowledge means possession of information about facts, ideas, truth, principles (….). The Nation(s) those possessed it, were called powerful so, ruled/ruling over the other(s). It is practiced and recognized in past, witnessing at present and will continue till last ray of life on planet.
Pages of history are explaining (explicitly) that, when Vikings [08 – 11c] inhabitants of: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland were busy in plundering Europe. At the same time, Al-Khwarizmi was busy in search of knowledge of mathematics; Ibn-Sina in medical as well as philosophy; Al-Hakim had set up Dar-al-Hikmah, Abbasids had set up a research institute called Baytal-Hikma; Jabir ibn-Hayyan became first chemist who had produced sulphuric acid; Al-Zahrawi recognized himself “Father of Modern Surgery”; and, Al-Zarqavi invented astrolabe [historical astronomical instrument]! It means, when, Muslims were producing knowledge, they were powerful and ruled over much part of world.
After that Muslims (Parents + Leadership) changed their strategy – from educational compounds to building of memories on their nearest & dearest. The highest building on the planet at present is of Dubai. The Jeddah Tower, will take place in coming years (where ‘Iqra’ was revealed). And (Alas), Iraq is also in queue, for crossing KSA!! Being less knowledgeable, innocent young generation of Ummah was/is compelled to accept these ‘Towers’ as a gift from ancestors for success through collection of ticketing charges. So, if compare with advanced nations Ummah stands at “zero point” in case of – formal (+) informal knowledge. Anyhow, let’s start in Pakistan ‘Knowledge Corridor’ side-by-side of Economic Corridor, for prosperity of posterity, please.
Tatrinote, AK

Child labour

I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards child labour in Pakistan. It is equally frustrating that child labour, considered to be one of the major issues of Pakistan, is being neglected by the government. According to the national child labour survey, approximately 3.3 million children below 14 years are working as labour in Pakistan.
This includes both boys and girls — boys form 73 pc and the girls 27 pc of the child labour. To ensure that child labour is abolished in our country, I request the government to set up schools to provide free education to those who can’t afford to pay for it.
Absor Kech

Appeal to Chairman FBR

In 2017, the Federal Board of Revenue FBR advertised vacancies in its various offices. Screening tests were conducted by the Open Testing Service (OTS), results were declared within a week, and the merit list was displayed on the PTS website. Thousands of unemployed candidates had appeared for test in hope that the process would be swift, and positions would be filled on merit.
However, even after two years no offer letters have been dispatched to the successful candidates for these positions despite clear instructions from Pakistan Citizen Portal for filling vacant positions up to the 15th of April. It is a humble request to the Chairman FBR to direct the Chief Commissioner CRTO Karachi to finalise the recruitment process so that the grievance of unemployed youth can be addressed.

Balochistan bleeding again

In a gory incident, unidentified gunmen offloaded passengers from a bus on Makran Highway and shot dead 14 out of them. It appears evil forces creating panic in the country are again active. Pakistan has been giving sacrifices of its citizens’ lives for more than two decades for crimes they never committed. Although, the efforts of security forces are laudable but still a new wave of terrorism is rising in Balochistan.
The horror and terror is creeping in the veins of our largest province. In the modern technological era killing innocent human beings in the broad daylight and fleeing thereafter safely is not understandable. We must work hard for countering such heinous acts of crime and apply as many security safeguards and protocols to defy such moves. A strict surveillance system is required on roads and areas where terror attacks are common. Life of our countrymen must be secured at any cost. We pray for eternal peace for the departed souls.

vis-a-vis GB

Gilgit-Baltistan shares the border with China and one of routes of mega project of CPEC also originates from GB. And being a part of the gigantic project of One Road One Belt, CPEC remains its major flagship because of its investment portfolio of more than $57m.
In view of CPEC vis-à-vis GB, with the opening of Karakorum Highway (KKH), the region got exposed to exogenous ideas, lifestyle and market forces. After the opening of KKH the Pakistan and China governments embarked upon a mega project of CPEC, which offers new avenues for the nascent economy of GB by offering huge opportunities for the human resources development, cash crops and fruit exports, chains of intra-city roads in area, removing trade and tariff barriers, addressing policy impediments and building support for other trade related sectors. Albeit, CPEC is not bringing in any significant direct investment in this area, but indirect investment effects in country is expected to morph GB into a regional hub of connectivity impacting multiple sectors of its economy. Contract worth $1.2 million to connect Taxila to Kashgar is also feasible through GB.
Some unregulated and untapped sectors of GB economy have huge potential to grow under CPEC e.g. mineral sector; it has the fifth largest mineral reserves in the world and accounts for 70 percent gemstone reserves in the country. Despite the optimism revolving around the CPEC, the community is not yet fully prepared to embrace these changes. People of GB had never been included in all processes and decision making related to CPEC.
In order to make the local populace to adapt changes in culture, economy and daily business activities and to tap all the potential gains, a combined approach is needed, especially input from the academia and researchers is of core importance.
Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan

QS World University 

As per news reports, the QS World University Rankings 2019 has included seven Pakistani universities into the prestigious annual index of global varsities. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) has been ranked as the country’s highest-ranking university at 397, whereas NUST stands at 417. In a country where literacy rate hovers around 58% and where education has become a very profitable business for many and getting higher education is only a dream for many, those educational institutions that are delivering knowledge of international standard with devotion, dedication and perseverance must be applauded.
These institutions deserve government’s special attention for their up-gradation and improvements in Labs and other facilities with letter of appreciations. Undoubtedly, PIEAS has a distinguished and unique system of education that inculcates in the minds of students, technical education as well as moral norms and values. Hats off to the faculty and management of PIEAS for keeping Pakistan’s head high in the world of Education. Bravo PIEAS, Bravo.

BS education

Being the student of BS for four years, I have been observing this system from very close. Despite some advantages, I have observed the following discrepancies: In comparison to annual system, semester system is more student-friendly. Selective topics are taught to the students in each semester. Each semester includes quizzes, assignments, presentations and a mid-term and a final term examinations. All these things expressively give a healthy look, but in reality it is too much away from the fact.
On one hand teachers appear less interested in conducting good presentations and quizzes and they just appear to fulfil the formalities. On the other hand, understanding the psyche of the teachers, students start deceiving {themselves}. No good research takes place rather you would find a copy paste in the form of assignments, paper reading in the form of presentation and quizzes are almost absent from the scene.
Another serious issue is about grading system. Most of the time, teachers grade students according to the understanding they have. In other words favouritism is one of the worst problems of this system. This exploitation of the students is really alarming. Students even cannot complain against the teacher’s irresponsibility.
To avoid such problems the grading system should not be in the hands of teacher who teaches, rather papers should be checked by a third party. By doing so teachers would also feel easy and they would be able to teach more effectively/attentatively. Head of the department must also fulfil his/her responsibilities and must take a proper report from the teachers to promote a good educational environment.
Rizwan Ullah Shaheen