Usman for stronger Pakistan economically

Staff Reporter

In Pakistan, every year ‘Kashmir Day’ is observed on 5th of February to show solidarity with the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and to honour the sacrifices of freedom fighters. United Nations has passed the resolutions on this issue whether people of Kashmir want to be with Pakistan or India. India never carried out plebiscite according to UN resolutions which results in political instability, killings, damage to women and children keep worsening the conditions in this region. These were views expressed by Usman Khalil ahead of Kashmir solidarity day. He said, it is the need of hour that both the countries should invest on their education, health, infrastructure, tourism, etc rather than spending on arms and try to develop South-Asian region like European Union. Pakistan and India should work for the economic development and focus on the issues of inflation, unemployment and poverty because the countries who are economically stronger have more influence in the world and example of China is in front of us.

Presently, Pakistan and India are two nuclear states hence war is not a solution anymore. Therefore, governments of Pakistan and India should initiate bilateral talks on the panacea of Kashmir in the best interests of this region. China can also play a pivotal role to resolve this issue between both the countries. Otherwise, other parts of the world would progress by leaps and bounds, and our coming generations have to pay the price of our mistakes.

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