Urban flooding: NED advises separate rainwater, sewerage drains



NED University in a report the Sindh High Court (SHC) has recommended separate drains for the rainwater and sewerage in Karachi.The university submitted its report in a case pertaining to urban flooding in Karachi.

“Flawed urban planning, overpopulation and insufficient and dilapidated infrastructure are some of the causes of urban flooding in the city,” the report read.

“Urban flooding in Karachi in 2020 and this year is result of mismanagement,” according to report.“Construction work, overpopulation and increasing road structure not allowing the water to absorb in the soil.”

“Solid waste have blocked sewerage drains and nullahs to be discharged smoothly,” NED experts pointed out.“Existing system could be improved. Sewerage blocks lines and prevent smooth discharge of water,” according to report.

The report advised for separate drains for rainwater and sewerage in Karachi.

It is pertinent to mention here that the city had separate storm water drains from the sewerage lines, which later intermingled due to lack of attention from the authorities.

The court directed the parties in the case to review the report submitted by the experts of the NEC University.

The bench adjourned further hearing of the case for two weeks.

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