UK MPs’ debate on Kashmir welcomed



President of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement, Altaf Ahmed Butt, and President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Raja Fahim Kiani, have welcomed the debate by the UK parliamentarians on the critical situation on Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).
They said the sacrifices made by Kashmiris are resounding in the world and stories of oppression of Kashmiri people by Indian forces are being discussed in the Parliaments of the world.
Altaf Ahmed Butt in his remarks said that the debate on Kashmir in the House of Commons was a huge disappointment to India on a diplomatic level as India was confident that its war crimes in IIOJK would go unnoticed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
He also said they want to send a message to their compatriot Kashmiris that they should not be disappointed as their sacrifices will not go in vain and very soon Kashmir will be free from the dark occupation of India.
He also said that the strong voice for the besieged people of Kashmir will strengthen their will against the oppressor India and give courage to stand by the demand of self-determination.
Raja Fahim Kiani maintained that the people of Kashmir are indebted to all British MPs for speaking their woes and condemning human rights violations in IIOJK.
He appealed to the world Parliaments, Senates, and the United Nations to start such constructive and decisive debate against the grave human rights violations in IIOJK and put pressure on India to give the Kashmiris the right to self-determination through plebiscite which is already endorsed by the UN.
Meanwhile, Altaf Ahmed Butt, in a statement appealed to the world human rights organizations to help trace the whereabouts of thousands of Kashmiris subjected to custodial disappearance by Indian troops in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He said, 29 years have passed since Sirajuddin Farooqi and his other relatives disappeared in Indian forces custody. Sirajuddin is bother-in-law of prominent Hurriyat leader Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar.
He said the family of Mushtaq Zargar has been looking and demanding for their whereabouts ever since but in vain.
Altaf Butt said illegal arrest of youth to suppress the freedom movement in IIOJK is a routine matter for the Indian forces. He said that Sirajuddin Farooqi and many other innocent Kashmiris were missing for years and decades now and their families were mourning but no one was hearing their voice and no one could tell them how to trace their loved ones.
Altaf Butt said thousands of unmarked graves have been discovered in IIOJK but no one knows who has been buried in these graves.
Therefore, the UN Human Rights Council is being appealed for the DNA test so that the bodies buried in these graves can be identified, he added.
He appealed to the international community and world human rights organizations to take practical steps and raise the issue of disappeared persons in IIOJK and help release them from Indian clutches.—KMS

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