Trend of online food service becomes source of livelihood for women


Staff Reporter

The day to day increasing online sources of livelihood in the rapidly changing economic situation has encouraged domestic as well as other professional women segment of society to provide homemade hygienic food items to the masses through online services.
The twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not only the gateway to the country of vast culture, historic civilization and savoring cuisine rather have become the home for online cooking service.
Hundreds of women had entered this online field to deliver online home cooked food to offices and households.
Saima Shafaq, a house wife said, “Even if you are not educated enough, you just have passion to become a skilled person to do something for your family. I do online cooking and gets order for food and earn handsome amount.”
She said, “now a days online cooking trend is getting momentum among people to get their choice of food on one phone call”.
She further added that with the arrival of social media online business is mainly increasing which is boosting their skills.
She said although women could do job outside the house in offices but most of the women wanted to stay at homes and thus this way they can take online orders to cook different food items and can easily earn money.
Another Shaista Maqbool said that “I am doing online kitchen service and earn enough amount for my family adding that most of the people prefer to have quality meal on reasonable rates.” She said that “now a days in most offices people avoid restaurant’s meal and prefer home cooked food so her business is boosting day by day”.
A customer, Hina Arif said I am a working lady and usually have less time to cook so whenever I want to eat something in office I get it through online food service through just one call”.
The best thing about this service is that I get the food of my choice without doing any effort or by going to restaurant. People are nowadays avoiding junk foods of restaurants due to their unhygienic quality and rates so they prefer to have home cooked meals, she said.

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