Travel ban on Afghan Culture fficial lifted by Security Council to attend event in Russia



The UN Security Council has lifted the travel ban on Afghanistan’s acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah, for a period of 10 days, officials in Afghanistan stated.

The acting minister’s travel prohibition has been lifted for a 10-day period in order to allow him to travel to Russia for a cultural event, according to Hayatullah Farahi, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture for Publications.

The UN Security Council banned Khairkhah along with other authorities of the ruling group in Afghanistan due to the grave violations of human rights and the unwarranted severity of punishments.

The temporary travel ban exemption is said to have been effective from the 1st of December to the 10th of December, allowing Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah to travel to Kazan, the capital of the Russian Federation’s Republic of Tatarstan.

However, the Publications Deputy of the Information and Culture Ministry said that Mullah Khairkhah does not intend to participate in the cultural event in Russia.

Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah is a senior official of the current administration in Afghanistan who was the Minister of Interior Affairs during the first period of the Taliban (1996-2001).

He was one of the inmates of the notorious Guantanamo prison, who was released in 2014 in exchange for the release of an American soldier.Ariana news