Band-e-Qargha water level has decreased


The water level in Band-e-Qargha has decreased by 60 percent since last, say officials.
The decrease in the water levels at the lake has caused a reduced attendance of people at the lake.

“In the past, the amount of water was a lot when we used to visit Band-e-Qargha,” said Murad, a Kabul resident.

“The level of water has decreased due to drought and the visitors have decreased,” said Suliman Shah, a Kabul resident.

The Ministry of Water and Energy said that the level of water in this lake has decreased from 9 million cubic meters to 3 million cubic meters, and efforts are going to raise the water level artificially again.

“9 million cubic meters of water were in the lake before, but now, as our colleagues surveyed it, it is 3 million cubic meters,” said Aziz Rahman Azizi, head of the groundwater department at the Ministry of Water and Energy.—Artiana news