Top Afghan businessmen say….


Afghanistan needs world so it can sustain economically


The business community of Afghanistan has said that Afghanistan needs the world help so it can sustain economically.

The country is passing through a critical juncture and after Taliban’s take over, the business community wanted to flourish the system and institutions, including investment by the international community must not be lost, Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industries president Khan Jan Alkozai said in an interview with APP.

Foreign aid formed about 40 percent of Afghanistan’s GDP during Ashraf Ghani’s administration. Following the Taliban takeover the United States has suspended Afghanistan’s foreign reserves of around $9 billion.

He said, according to Asian Development Bank data 47.5 percent people in Afghanistan are living below the poverty line and continues wars has badly affected economy of the country.

The business community underscored the need for continuity in policies, as consistency establishes trust of the people in the system.

“The world is very advance and moving ahead in every field at a fast pace,” he said, adding, “After Taliban clinched the power in Afghanistan, our worries are that the system developed here in the last 20 years should continue, because we have experts of this system in all fields.”

Alkozai said that the business community of Afghanistan is looking forward increase its bilateral and Afghan transit trade with Pakistan and wanted Pakistan’s linkages with the Central Asian Republics (CARs), the Russian Federation, adding all political and security-related issues lying in it must be resolved.

Both countries should change their economic and security policies for the promotion of trade, besides improving the Customs and banking systems between the two countries, he said.

The CASA-1000 and Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan and India (TAPI) gas pipeline projects could be materialized when peace and stability is restored in Afghanistan.

Alkozai said that there were 1,500 members of Pak-Afghan Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industries, besides local traders and they have assured of smooth functioning of trade between the two countries. —APPz

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