Talks held over Afghanistan-Pakistan trade



The Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Af-ghanistan (ACCI) said a delegation of the Islamic Emirate has traveled to Lahore to facilitate trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan and is set to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

“The memorandum between Kabul and Lahore was prepared in advance, and the delegation of the Is-lamic Emirate is talking about a memorandum of understanding with the cooperation of traders,” said Mohammad Younis Momand, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI).

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Cham-ber of Commerce said that the delegation will also visit Lahore industrial parks during this trip.

“The problems between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the investment sector will be discussed,” said Naqibullah Safi, co-chair of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.In the meantime, some traders are criticizing the challenges at the Afghan-Pakistani crossings.

“Every truck and container passing through Tork-ham is being tried by several different Pakistani departments, which is time-consuming and more cost-effective for traders,” said Muzamel Shinwari, the former deputy minister of industry and trade.—TOLO

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