Swat revels as first snow falls, Islamabad lashed with violent rain


As the weather heralds winters in Swat and adjoining areas, the first snowfall on Sunday has sealed the deal as the atmosphere has turned pleasant.

District Swat areas including Gabin Jabba and Bashigram have reported first winter season snowfall over the mountainous range. Separately today, heavy rains have begun lashing the federal capital as the day has turned dark with clouds and thunderstorms.

Islamabad’s Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has let out an alert for the authorities to remain vigilant and for the people to be cautious should the rains turn more inclement. The rain and hailstorm have been so heavy in the contiguous areas of Islamabad that Taxila has reported breakage of car windshields due to the intensity.

On the other hand, an initial cold wave hinting at a change in weather in Balochistan, experienced in Quetta and some other parts of the province.—INP

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