Reopening PCP complaints



Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday directed authorities concerned to reopen 83,741 partially resolved complaints filed by people on Pakistan Citizens Portal (PCP).

It has been reported that about 43,351 complaints would be reopened in 773 federal departments while 40,415 complaints related to provincial governments will be reassigned to 2450 departments.

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched PCP in October 2018 to address complaints and grievances of people regarding public service delivery in an efficient and timely manner.

It was hoped that people would no longer need to visit various government departments to get their issues resolved.

However, tactics of government officials made the whole system ineffective with people expressing lack of confidence on it. Most common complaint of PCPs users is that concerned authorities do not take their complaints seriously and mark them resolved or partially resolved without any practical remedy.

Since no system of accountability exist, making it convenient for bureaucracy and government officers to give misleading responses to public complaints.

This is why Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to reopen certain number of complaints and this shows that he is closely monitoring the whole process fully cognizant of lacklustre approach of public sector departments.

In order to achieve objective of the establishment of PCP, it is important that PM’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) tightens the check and balance system, and keep a close eye on citizens’ feedback.

To do so in a proper and effective manner, more people should be inducted into the PMDU. Further strengthening this Unit and holding bureaucracy responsible is pivotal to make the PCP a successful platform for complaint resolution.