Sufferings of poor to be mitigated at all costs: Imran Says success of US-Taliban deal will ensure peace in tribal areas


Tariq Saeed


Prime Minister Imran Khan has vowed to continue with his agenda of mitigating the sufferings of the poor strata of the society adding there will be no more hike in the prices of essential commodities specially the electricity and gas.
“The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government is committed to provide maximum relief to the poor people on the pattern on Riyasat-e-Madina. We are striving to providing relief to the deserving people under Ehsas Kafalat Programme”.
PM Imran said while addressing a huge public gathering after inaugurating the Ehsas Kafalat Programme at Tehsil Ghalanai of Mohmand Tribal district on Monday.
“I have always envisioned Pakistan to become what Madina was like, but for that to happen, we have to adhere to the rules followed by the state at that time,” the PTI supremo said.
While the Prime Minister declared that the prices of gas and electricity would not be hiked come what may, he also hinted at halting the production of the power distribution companies found involved in making costly electricity adding the burden of wrong policies of the previous governments could not be shifted to the masses and industrial sector .
Imran Khan lamented that the previous governments had made 20-30 years contracts with power making companies for vested interests and when PTI came into power there were circular debts in the energy sector due to which we were left with no option but to increase electricity prices. He said his government was sincerely taking effective measures to reduce prices of the essential commodities so that the masses could be provided maximum relief. Paying glowing tribute to the tribal people for their sacrifices in war against terrorism Imran said “In Pakistan’s long war against terrorism, it were the tribal areas of the country that suffered the most. Now it’s time we give it back to them, what they lost in all these years.” He said adding provision of jobs to the tribal youth and development of the tribal areas was among the top priorities of the present government.
Imran said his government was also introducing Youth Insaaf Programme in the tribal areas under which, the youth will be provided loans for business. He said out of the 50,000 students who have applied for scholarships given by the government, 2,500 will be given to students from the tribal areas. “They will be given foremost priority and soon the number of students will also increase,” Prime Minister maintained.
He said through the Ehsas Programme, Rs2,000 will be given to the lower-income groups in the area. “We will fund their business ideas and also provide cattle to the women so that they can generate livelihood,” he said. PM also pledged to establish industrial estate in Mohmand district adding olive gardens will l be established in Mohmand district to get best quality olive oil. He said, “We have to bring all those people forward who were left behind in the race of life. These were the poor, the needy, orphans and widows and the Prophet (PBUH) took their responsibility,” PM Imran said and added this is exactly what the Ehsaas Programme aims to do. It takes responsibility of the poor segments of the society. The Prime Minister expressed optimism for the success of landmark US-Taliban deal, saying it will not only bring relief to the people of Afghanistan but also ensure peace in the tribal districts of Pakistan, which share border with the war-torn country.

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