Students in south call for all girls’ schools to reopen


Free education center established for girls in Balkh

Hundreds of female students above sixth grade who are fortunate to be able to attend school despite the closed schools in other areas of the country, said they are grateful to attend school and they urged the Islamic Emirate to provide educational opportunities for all girls above six grade.

In this report, a TOLOnews reporter visited one of the southern area’s girls’ schools that is still open to girls in grades six and up.

Despite the fact that hundreds of female students in the country have dropped out, these girls are still permitted to attend school and continue their education.

“I am a student of the 12th grade, our lessons are ongoing and we come to the class every day,” said Shukria, a student.

“We are very pleased to be studying, to graduate and to serve our homeland,” said Nazdana, a student in 10th grade.

While most girls’ schools above the sixth grade remain closed in most regions of the country, these female students asked the authorities to reopen schools for all girls.

“All schools should be opened in 34 provinces of Afghanistan, so that girls can study,” said Nazo, a student in 11th grade.

“I ask the Islamic Emirate to provide education opportunities for the rest of the girls and I say they should open those schools which are closed,” said Palwasha, a student in 10th grade.

“In order to have female doctors in the country or to have women activists in some other sectors, the education of girls is important,” said Aziza, a teacher.

Despite no concrete solution for the reopening of girls’ schools, the Islamic Emirate stresses that, given the situation, girls’ schools above the sixth grade will reopen soon.

But what these conditions are, and when female students will be able to attend school, is a question that has yet to be answered, and the Ministry of Education has not responded.

A foreign organization has facilitated a free educational center for nearly 500 girls in the northern province of Balkh.

The center is teaching English language training, computer programs, mathematics and Dari literature for girls.

They also teach preparation for university.

“They are teaching English, computer programs, mathematics and Dari literature for nearly 500 girls,” said Abdul Sami Ariya, head of the provincial department of Information and Culture.

This comes as the female students expressed happiness over the reopening of the center.

“I call on those families to allow their children to attend the schools and let them be educated,’ said Shikiba, a student.

The center was also supported by the provincial department of education.

“Everyone should try to bring happiness to the people and the nation, this nation needs to be appreciated and cooperated with,” said Mohammad Naeem Balkhi, head of the Balkh department of Education.

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