Street crime: over 81,000 incidents reported in 2022



The street crime data released by police showed deteriorated situation of law and order in Karachi with over 81,000 incidents in 2022.

Media obtained the street crime record of Karachi which stated that more than 81 incidents were reported this year. 52,000 motorcycles were stolen and snatched, whereas, 26,400 citizens were deprived of mobile phones.

More than 2,000 vehicles were stolen and snatched. The data also uncovered the poor performance of the police department in curbing crimes and recovering stolen or snatched assets.

According to the report, only 4,000 stolen assets were recovered including 2,900 motorcycles, 600 cars and 530 mobile phones.

In February, an alarming rise had been witnessed in street crimes in Karachi as 11,000 incidents were reported in just 1.5 months of 2022. Thirteen citizens including police officials and a journalist had lost their lives for resisting robberies and gun attack incidents.

The reported dacoities during the first 1.5 months in 2022 were 11,000. More than 80 persons got injured for resisting robberies in the port city during the period.

3,845 mobile phones had been snatched in Karachi from January 1 to February 17, 672 motorcycles and 20 cars. The number of vehicles snatched by street criminals was other than the stolen cars and motorcycles.

The police department had confirmed that 6,087 motorcycles and 296 cars were stolen during the said period.