Stop terrorism, Moeed tells India



NATIONAL Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf in an interview with prominent Indian journalist Karan Thapar, has once again expressively exposed the true face of India before the world when he stated that Afghanistan was forced to become a sanctuary for terrorists by India in the past twenty years to fuel terrorism in Pakistan, emphasizing that it must stop now.

This is not an allegation but there are several international reports including that of the UN and the US, which reveals that India is extending financial support to terrorist groups in Afghanistan to perpetrate acts of terrorism in Pakistan.

It is a clever ploy on part of India, which always tried to malign Pakistan by labelling it with terrorism.

The truth however is quite the opposite as Pakistan has only been the victim of terrorism executed by our enemy India.

It is a matter of satisfaction that present PTI government over the last two to three years has unmasked India’s evil face and also presented dossiers in this regard to the United Nations.

Moeed Yusuf also told the Indian anchor that Pakistan is deeply concerned about India’s rogue behaviour including reports of Indian state sponsored spying on Pakistani individuals revealed under the recent Pegasus scandal and the revelation made by Indian External Affairs Minister that Modi government politicised the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) technical process to ensure Pakistan remains in the grey list despite meeting all technical criteria.

These acts are sufficient to prove as to what extent India can go in its enmity against Pakistan, which has always tried to build peaceful relations with the South Asian neighbour to address other chronic issues facing the region including that of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness.

We must forgo the idea that this negative posture of India against Pakistan will ever change especially under Modi regime which through its actions has so far proved to be anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan.

While we have no doubt in saying that India was behind Dasu tragedy, we should continue to put before the world solid evidence regarding Indian terrorism.

It is also for the major capitals to shun double standard and hold India accountable for regional and international crimes.

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