Pak-China friendship unbreakable


DASU incident was perpetrated, with a misconception, by our common enemy that it will damage Pakistan-China relations and impede progress on multibillion-dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

The despicable incident claimed innocent lives of Pakistani and Chinese workers, which aggrieved everybody on both sides of the border.

The evil plot of the enemy failed to achieve its objective when Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi during delegation level talks in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, reaffirmed the commitment to firmly advance the construction of CPEC, ensure timely completion of under construction projects, focus on socio-economic development, job creation and improvement of people’s livelihood and further strengthen cooperation in Industrial Park, infrastructure development, science and technology and so on

Both sides also agreed on the need to build health, industry, trade, digital and green corridors.

Both the sides have once again proved that nothing can harm or create a wedge in their relationship and that their ironclad relationship that is often described as higher than Himalayas and deeper than seas is unbreakable.

In our view, the Chengdu talks provided an opportunity to both sides to review the pace of work on ongoing projects and explore new avenues of cooperation, which indeed is the best response to our enemy that does not want peace and development in the region for vested interests.

Qureshi and Wang also reaffirmed their resolve to further strengthen their strategic cooperative partnership with fresh dynamism and vitality.

The enduring Pakistan-China friendship has reached momentous milestone of the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations, being enthusiastically marked in the two countries, demonstrating warmth and deep sentiments of their unshakeable fraternal bonds.

This relationship has always stood the most difficult of times with both sides providing their unyielding support on issues concerning each other’s core national interests.

We are confident that it will achieve new heights in the years to come due to collective wisdom of the leadership of both the countries.

It is really heartening to see level of understanding between the two sides on different matters including the threats faced by the CPEC.

In fact Dasu was not the first incident of its kind as in the past also failed attempts have been made to undermine the projects including through attacks on Chinese consulate in Karachi and Serena Hotel in Quetta where Chinese ambassador was to participate in an event.

Who is perpetrating these attacks is well known to both Pakistan and China, and we are confident that both the countries will work hand in hand and take collective steps to further enhance the security of CPEC related projects in order to give a sense of security to workers engaged with them.

It is also important that culprits behind the deadly Dasu bus incident are apprehended and given exemplary punishment to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Given the commitment by Qureshi and Wang, work on Dasu project will also be restarted in a matter of few days.

And most importantly, the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) needs to be convened at the earliest to further give a loud and lucid message that the CPEC and the BRI are destined to success, come what may.

At the JCC, the projects facing delays such as upgradation of railway network from Karachi to Peshawar must be given special emphasis.

Early commencement of work on this strategic project is important to turn this region hub of trade and economic activities.

Similarly, there is a need to fast track Chinese investment in the SEZs to make them a success story for the world.

This will take us towards industrialisation that will not only provide job opportunities to our youth but also help bolster our exports.

Prime Minister Imran Khan repeatedly talks about seeking Chinese expertise and experience to enhance our agriculture yield.

This certainly is need of the hour, if we really are interested to ensure food security in the country.


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