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of assets

Corruption is root cause for any country’s downfall and no country can progress until and unless corruption is controlled/eradicated.

Unfortunately, our country has been suffering badly from menace of corruption for last many decades.

It has been observed in general that low paid employees working in public and private sectors own properties worth millions of rupees, which should be probed to ascertain their sources of income?
Government should adopt such a strategy to bind employees working in both sectors to declare their assets and sources of income.

If property value is much higher than their earning salaries and if they fail to justify their property purchase such earning/properties should be seized, sold out and money deposited in public exchequer.

This step would definitely help to recover looted money and discourage others to earn through illegal means.


Asymptomatic Covid-19

A lot of people have been infected with Covid-19 but have no symptoms of the disease like fever, cough, cold, etc. This means they are asymptomatic.

Being asymptomatic means that you have no symptoms of Covid-19 but are Covid positive. If you live in a house with people with a Covid-19 infection and you have no symptoms, you may be an asymptomatic case and should take treatment at earliest. Precaution is better than cure.

Mumbai, India


‘Basant’ is a spring festival which has been widely celebrated in the subcontinent since centuries.

It is a colourful festival in the season of blossomed flowers when the people express their feelings, excitement and sentiments through various means like singing, dancing, wearing colourful dresses and arranging colourful flowers and sports

The most prominent and attractive part of this festival is the kite flying which fills the sky with colours. But unfortunately, the kite flying has become very much controversial.

In our environment, the people can enjoy kite flying throughout the year. Many people adopt it as their hobby and passion

. Various types of kite and kite-lines (usually we call it ‘Dore’) were easily available and hence it was a source of employment for many people.

Basant days were celebrated in big cities and especially the Basant Day of Lahore has gained popularity throughout the country and even abroad. Many foreigners visit Pakistan on this day. Basant parties were arranged on the roofs of the buildings.

A few people sabotaged this event. Conventionally the kite-line is made from the cotton thread which is tender and easily breakable on stretching.

It was not dangerous for common people when the kite and kite-line go astray after cutting of the kite. It became dangerous when people started using metal and chemical lines.

These are hard enough to break on stretching, so highly dangerous and caused many deaths.

People travelling on bikes and motor-bikes are highly prone to this danger. Firstly, metal and chemical lines were banned but a few people started selling them illegally.

But this practice became out of control, the government had to ban the kite flying throughout the country to stop fateful accidents.



Self-employment means to create jobs opportunity for oneself. Today the most vicious problem being faced by Balochistan is unemployment.

As Balochistan is not densely populated government cannot provide young population with employment opportunities for everyone.

However this unemployment is curse. It weakens body and mind of young people. Moreover frustration leads them to drug addiction and various crimes.

Educated youth should not depend on government to provide them with jobs however self-employment is a possible solution to this.

Thus youth should not remain idle after completing their studies. They should remember that self-help is the best help.

However they can easily engage themselves in various sectors. Agriculture farming, poultry, fish farms and livestock are some of the areas.

Government and different NGOs are working relentlessly for providing youths with loans on easy terms to start these jobs of self employment I request all that we ourselves should seek self-employment to also provide other people with jobs.

Turbat, Balochistan


Forest covers more than 30 percent of earth’s surface and as such provides food, medicine and fuel for billions of people.

Forests provide millions of people with jobs while many millions have jobs related to forests. But due to deforestation this sequence is being constantly disturbed.

By cutting down trees the oxygen level is decreasing and global warming is increasing. Deforestation also hurts millions of animals.

Also due to it the rain pattern facing huge disturbances. Please do not cut down trees, cultivate more trees because they are the most important part of this natural life cycle.

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Illegal fishing

Everyone knows it is fishes’ hatching season. Punjab government has banned fishing from June to August yet contractors are seen catching fishes in River Indus. According to sources, people behind illegal fishing are protected by local politicians.

This is the only reason that fisheries department was unable to take action against those who violated rules and regulations.

However, it is pretty hard for fishermen to observe the ban, as fishing is the only source of their livelihood.

Additionally, we must also keep one thing in our mind that these two months may affect the earning, but after that the yield will be enough to cover losses. I request authorities concerned to take immediate actions against illegal fishing.
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