‘Solid Waste power generation project to be a milestone’


Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning Najam Ahmad Shah has said that the mission of generating electricity from solid waste will be successful. Najam Shah, head of the committee set up to generate electricity from solid waste, said that the project to generate electricity from waste collected from Karachi is a modern and unique effort of the Sindh government and to bring it in line with global requirements all the resources will be utilised. The Local Government Secretary said that the success of this project depends entirely on the timely completion of the project and maintaining international standards on which no compromise will be made. According to Local Government Secretary Najam Ahmad Shah there was an urgent need to make Solid Waste useful and efficient under the philosophy of low cost and best results so that future time planning and needs can be arranged. Najam Shah, who has also played a key role in the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Project in the past, was sounding very enthusiastic and hopeful about this new project of the Sindh government. Hopefully as a result of the success of the project, up to 200 megawatts of electricity is expected to be made.

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