SMIU VC offers condolences to Hasan Ali Effendi family


The vice chancellor of Sindh Madresstul Islam University (SMIU) Prof. Dr. Mujeebuddin Sahrai Memon has expressed his profound grief and condolences to the family of grand-grandson of Hasan Ali Effendi. In his message to the family of deceased Zain Effendi who was brutally killed at his residence located near Mazar-e Quaid on Tuesday, he demanded that law enforcement agencies immediately trace the killers. “The services of Effendi family for the education of people of Sindh are matchless,” Prof Dr MujeebuddinSehraiMemon said.He said that all the employees of the SMIU are with the family members of Mr. Zain Effendi and condemned the killing.” His killers should be arrested immediately,” he said. He said an impartial investigation was needed to reveal the actual reason behind this crime.

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