Sir Winston Churchill & Field Marshal Montgomery | By Malik M Aslam Awan


Sir Winston Churchill & Field Marshal Montgomery 

FIELD Marshal Montgomery served in Royal Army and won several wars for the Crown. After his retirement he requested the Prime Minister Churchill to see him and during his meeting with Prime Minister he appealed to Churchill that he is too old and weak to change his rented house frequently, because due to inevitable reasons he and his family have to change the house and due to shifting he has fatigued from the painful process.

Recounting his problems he requested the Prime Minister to give him a piece of land on which he may build his house to lead rest of his life peacefully.

Churchill listened to the Ex-Field Marshal with great patience and humbly responded that, no doubt, you have won several wars for the Crown and your services for the Crown are praise-worthy and matter of pride.

Churchill questioned; is there occurred any occasion during your whole service that you received your salary after due date.

Montgomery replied, No. Churchill further said that so long as you served for the Crown you were properly paid and given due respect.

Now you have been retired from service but the Crown is continuously paying your pension from public funds while you have ceased to serve the country.

I am the custodian of public money and answerable to the public and cannot oblige you from the public funds.

Field Marshal Montgomery had a cup of tea with Churchill and left towards his rented house.

In Pakistan, which is created on the basis of an ideology and during the migration – which is the biggest migration of the world – we have lost millions of lives and almost 95000 women were raped by the Hindus and Sikhs, thousands of minor girls were raped and slain during Hindu assaults on migrant caravans, young and old people were slain mercilessly.

After innumerable sacrifices, we have earned an independent homeland. Pakistan has become a land where those who retired from high positions are offered lucrative posts where they again benefit themselves and their descendants.

Lucrative posts have become hereditary and there is no check and balance and criteria to be acted upon.

In this process, official land is distributed mercilessly between serving and retirees, which seeing prima facie, is a bribe to make them a part of sinister nexus, having nefarious ends to plunder the public exchequer, attacking the public kitty like a king who has conquered the land and all public funds are at his sweet will to be distributed among his favourites.

With the merciless and lavish use of these funds law enforcing officials are awarded heavy funds to victimise political opponents and implicate the journalists in false and fabricated cases to inflict them and their family members.

Journalists and other segments of society dissenting with those at the helm of affairs are made to face severe outcomes of dissenting from the evil.

One who once came to the throne by luck or by chance endeavours hard to prolong his tenure by hook or by crook

Democratic norms are hatefully flouted to quench the thirst of power, hunger gets never satiated and grows long like satanic vein.

Ultimately the time comes to repeat the history; the mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly small.

Today as a nation, we have lost the ethical grounds on which foundation of the society rests upon.

To negate the ethical norms we have gone to develop rhetoric to fascinate our sophism. In the present digital age it has become established practice to have drum beat on the rhetoric which promotes ones personality.

Aggrandizement of one’s personal interests have thrusted the society towards sophism and spread the dirty ideas speedily so much so to enamour everyone.

Most brains disseminate dirty ideas to be imbibed in the fabric of society and dirty brains welcome the same as they are themselves tilted towards perversion.

Sophism had enveloped our society to imbibe the perverse ideas as the most fascinating truth of the age.

In the same way every political party had rhetoric to be disseminated fastly as to seem that a truthful narration.

These political segments of society believe that frequently spoken lie ultimately becomes a truthful narrative and people believe that and instil in their minds to act upon.

The modern politics has no foundations except sophism. Figment is the root of modern politics. So long as we will be inclined to sophism, perversion will be our destination.

To set right the direction to have righteous destination – we will have to recourse to the right way – transparency, justice and rule of law.

Without justice, rule of law, transparency and fair-play, we cannot have our destination – prosperous Pakistan.

—The writer is author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst based at Islamabad.


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