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Birds strike aeroplanes


The Civil Aviation Authority’s report on bird strikes in recent years shows an alarming picture. Air travel is touted as safe, but the picture that emerges from the report should send alarm bells ringing at the highest levels of government. Lahore has got a really bad problem, with 198 bird strikes in the reporting period, January 2018 to May 2022, out of the total 622 incidents.

Bird strikes occur because birds are sucked into jet engines, and not only do they cause damage to the engines, but they endanger the plane, and may cause a crash. Such a major incident has not happened, which only increases the risk of the next bird strike leading to a major incident. It would be bad enough if this was to happen to a Pakistani airline, but if a foreign carrier was ever involved in such an incident, it would be disastrous, and might well lead to the cancellation of flights to that airport.

Why do birds congregate around airports? Actually, they don’t. They congregate around the rubbish in the cantonments that surround these airports, which are actually extensions of old air bases. Lahore has got a particular problem because not only has a DHA been developed, but a number of housing societies have been developed close to the airports, this having been one of their main selling points. One of the most essential factors is to ensure that the Solid Waste Management Company does its job. Bird strikes would not be eliminated, but they might be reduced.

The root-and-branch solution would be to shift the airport, and impose a ban on construction within a certain radius, but it is probably not likely, because moving an airport is an extremely expensive proposition. A more feasible solution would be to hand over management of Lahore airport to a firm with experience in dealing with bird strikes at other airports. If it is felt that Lahore Airport needs to be managed by the government, such a transfer can be temporary, until the necessary skills are passed on to the CAA. This is a problem that can be solved. It only needs the will.



Sri Lanka’s economy


The small island country is currently going through one of its worst economic crises. There is no money left in the government exchanger to import essential items like petroleum products. The masses are on roads against the corruption of their leaders. There is a war-like situation in the country. None of the developed countries have come forward to help the country in these testing times, especially those that have high stakes in the island nation. Hopefully, things will get better for the Sri Lankan nation in the near future.





It is said that nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption. The worst misuse of power is to favour kith and kin by giving them the best positions even though they do not deserve. Isn’t it unfair and unjustified to choose a person just based on personal contacts and relationships? How would it feel when one is not chosen for promotion despite honest and loyal services and hard work? Does the relationship outweigh the merit?

Nepotism is destroying the nations, not only because of providing opportunities to unworthy people but also badly violating the rights of the thousands of talented, competent and skilled people. If one talks about Pakistan, it is full of such examples where members of the same family are working in the same place. It is commonly practised in the various companies, politics, cricket, entertainment, even in educational institutions. While Pakistan is considered as a free country that came into being in the name of the ideology of Islam and named the Islamic Republic of Pakistan but unfortunately, people in Pakistan are not given equal rights. To stop nepotism we should follow some steps i.e. develop an active anti-nepotism policy.


Kallar Syedan


Polluted NAs


I journeyed back to the Northern Areas of Pakistan this month after the lapse of three years and was shocked beyond belief by the environmental degradation of the area, especially around Attabad Lake.

I was hoping that after the break of three years, where there was decreased tourism because of Covid-19, the pristine beauty of the Lake would be in better form, if not the same, as I had witnessed three years ago. But what I encountered was not just environmental degradation but an ecological disaster.

The lake was littered with trash and the area was disfigured by the construction of unplanned hotels and huts. Moreover, the hotels had no appropriate system for sewer/garbage disposal; the wrappers and other waste material that we threw in the hotel dustbins were shockingly found being dumped in an open ground a few hundred meters away from the hotel and near the lake waters. Sewer and wastewater from hotels and restaurants were being disposed of in the open thus posing the threat of contaminating the lake water as well as being a source of stench and sanitary pollution.

The early morning walk around the lake was more of crisscrossing the empty plastic bottles, empty oil cans and wrappers than a peaceful stroll on the scenic place. The same condition, admittedly not as bad, was found around the beautiful lakes ‘Satrangi’ and ‘Blue’ Lake in Naltar Valley, where the lakes were littered with garbage all around it. Seeing the level and pace of degradation was a rude awakening to the state of the environment in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

If Pakistan wishes to achieve its tourism goals as set by various governments, we need to be mindful of the fact that unregulated tourism will only accelerate the pace of environmental degradation and the collapse of ecosystems. Climate change will exacerbate the situation and pose a serious threat to the life and livelihood of the local population, not immediately maybe, but in the distant future.



Not only pray, but also play


Hard work leads to success. And when we work hard, we get better results in life. Yes, struggling and working hard is not less than worshipping.

We all should know that hard work leads to leadership. So, if we want to be leaders, we should not only pray but work and spend our 100 percent energies to achieve our goals. We should not only pray but also play our role then we can get the best outcome.

It is my request to all of you, the readers, that do not ignore the importance of working hard. If you just want to know the worth of hard work. Then, please do have a glimpse at world’s famous and successful people who succeeded just because of hard work. There is no outcome except success in hard work. So, let’s embrace working hard, struggling and start getting success.


Malir, Karachi

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