Two children killed in a mortar shell explosion in central Afghanistan



A remnant of war, an unexploded mortar shell, which exploded on Monday, 25th July, killed at least two children in the central Afghan province of Uruzgan.

Agha Wali Quraishi, the Taliban’s spokesman for the police chief office in Uruzgan province confirmed the veracity of the explosion of an unexploded mortar shell, which killed two children in Shish Par village of Uruzgan’s Khas district.

The explosion of unexploded remnants of war across Afghanistan has increased in recent months, primarily killing and wounding children.

A mortar shell explosion in late May, in the northern province of Kunduz, killed 2 children and injured one other, while the same incident in the same province in early June killed one child.

In late May, the detonation of a mortar shell in Ghazni province in central Afghanistan took the life of a child and permanently disabled another.

Due to decades of conflict, a large portion of Afghanistan’s land surface is covered in mines and explosives.

Almost 606 square kilometers of Afghan land is polluted with mines and explosives, according to the Taliban’s state minister for disaster management.

At a celebration honoring the International Day for Mine Awareness and Mine Action, an official of the State Ministry for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs stated, “Landmines and explosive remnants of war kill or maim more than 120 Afghans every month.”—Khaama Press News Agency


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