Sikhs take over red fort


DUE to flawed policies, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has toxically divided the whole country. Instead of correcting his course, he is further taking India to the blind alley. Sikh farmers have been protesting over the last few months against anti-farmers laws and with each passing day their protest is growing in intensity.

The Sikh community really showed their strength on Tuesday when they stormed and took over the Iconic Red Fort by putting up their own emblem on the flagpole where India’s tricolour normally flies on the national days. It was the India’s Republic Day but the roads of New Delhi were swarmed by rows upon rows of tractors. Farmers, wearing distinctive colourful turbans, shouted slogans against Narendra Modi. The situation especially at the Red Fort became so intense that Modi could not witness the military parade. The anger of Sikhs is justified as the so-called reforms introduced by the Indian Government are only aimed at targeting their income. Instead of cooling down their sentiments, the BJP Government is putting fuel to the fire by trying to portray them as the terrorists. But it won’t be easy as the Sikh farmer youths are not only more educated, they are also globally spread out and can give a fitting reply to the Hindutva Army. Already their protests have galvanized support from Sikhs residing in different parts of the world including the US and Canada. It will be better for the RSS-BJP regime to rein in its forces that are constantly working to demonize the Sikh community. The more they do that, the more they will be exposed before the world. The fact of the matter is that no minority is safe in India today. Ever since Modi has come to power, the Muslims are especially being targeted under one pretext or the other. How the Muslims were massacred in Delhi in March last year is known to everybody. Controversial laws were also passed to strip millions of Indian Muslims of their citizenship. The world community and the international human rights organizations should shun double standards and hold India accountable for the crimes it is committing against the minorities.

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