Significant area of capital cleared of wild growth


Staff Reporter

As a result of vigorous push, significant area of city has been cleared from rank vegetation and wild growth. Mutual coordination among the departments including Capital Development Authority (CDA), Environment Wing of MCI and Islamabad Administration ICT is playing a key role in the efforts for reviving the Clean and Green status of Capital city. Under ongoing clean and green campaign, wild growth is being cleared, tree plantation is being carried out in addition to addressing issues pertaining to cleanliness of the city.
This initiative was started under the supervision of ICT Administration in end of last month to address the declining overall cleanliness situation of the city and to remove unattended wild growth and rank vegetation. All concerned departments were taken onboard and after ensuring effective coordination among the departments, city is gradually regaining its original shape.
During the recent efforts made in this regard, rank vegetation and wild growth has been removed from the median strips and green belts along the major roads, avenues, marakiz, markets, parks and roads within the sectors. Furthermore, after removing wild growth and rank vegetation, landscaping along the major has also been initiated.
Improvement of general cleanliness of the city is also main focus of ongoing clean and green campaign. In this connection, Sanitation staff of MCI has been deputed to remove unattended garbage dumps particularly in the green belts and jungle areas as well as at the outskirts of the city in addition to routine cleanliness activities. Assistant Commissioners in this regard in accordance with assigned tasks are conducting visits of different areas to supervise the efforts to make Islamabad clean and green. On spot fines are being imposed in addition to sealing of premises involved in the littering. In this connection, fines around Rs. 200,000/- on different elements were imposed on littering and other such violations.
During the recent efforts in this regard, garbage dumps pending untended since a month from Khanna Lehtrar Road to Alipur Farash Town have been disposed off. Similarly, garbage dumped in the green belts of sector I-8 and I-10 has also been removed.

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