Shehbaz group in favour of elections PML-N divides on Senate, by-polls


The PML-N leadership has divided over the issue of contesting the by-election and Senate elections, as the party top leaders, under the banner of PDM, has already announced resignations from the parliament.
According to sources in the party, taking a U-turn on its early stance, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has decided not to leave the Senate field vacant after the by-elections for the ruling party. Now the PDM leadership has come up with a view that they will resign from the assemblies after the by-elections. According to sources, Maryam Nawaz group was in favour of boycott of the by-elections and Senate elections. However, Shehbaz Sharif group within the PML-N is in favor of contesting the elections. It has been learnt that Nawaz Sharif is being pressured by both the groups within the party to take a decision. Meanwhile, Shehbaz Sharif has asked the party Senate candidates to get themselves prepared for the election.
According to sources, initially Pervez Rashid, Raja Zafarul Haq and Mushahidullah have got the green signal. They said that the PML-N has started preparations to participate in the Senate elections. The names of candidates for the Senate are being considered. The names of Pervez Rashid, Raja Zafarul Haq and Mushahidullah have been shortlisted by PML-N to leadership.
The people at large have expressed surprise over the decision of the PDM leadership, especially the PML-N, saying that they have been befooling the masses with the slogan of resignation from the assemblies for the past some months. They regretted that this decision has exposed the real aims of the PML-N leadership who has been chanting slogan “Vote ko izzat dou” to gain public sympathies. They said that these greedy politicians can do anything for coming to power and has nothing to do with the development of the country and prosperity of the masses.
They urged the politician to abide by their tall claims and desist from “changing colours” like their loyalties for their vested interest.

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