Record remittances reflect expats trust in PM: Aleem


Amraiz Khan


Punjab Senior and Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that a new record of remittances has been set in Pakistan last month and for the first time in the country’s history, an amount of 2.4 billion dollar were remitted to Pakistan in a month. He said that overseas Pakistanis from all over the world, including the UK, are sending record remittances to their motherland and the extraordinary remittances in the last six months have been 14.2 billion dollars, which is an expression of the full confidence of Pakistanis living abroad in the current government.
Talking to various delegations of party workers on Sunday, Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that the policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan were being appreciated all over the world who acted with foresight and not only helped the country out of long-standing difficulties but also paved way for progress and prosperity. He said that relief is being provided to the common man by reducing the problems day by day. Abdul Aleem Khan said that industrial development has also started in the country, the wheel of economy is moving fast and employment opportunities in the private sector are increasing day by day which is a welcome development in all respects. He said that Imran Khan and his team is overcoming the challenges facing the country and In Sh Allah in two and a half years the PTI Government will fulfill the rest of its promises as well.
On the occasion, Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan while commenting on various suggestions from party workers said that they should identify the problems of the people and play their role in solving them. He expressed satisfaction over the completion of developmental projects especially in NA-129 and PP-157 & 158.
Party workers present different proposals and appreciated the timely and standard completion of the development works and also pointed out various issues.

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