Selling, purchasing of MPs


A damning video showing lawmakers receiving money for voting for the PPP candidates in the 2018 Senate polls whipped up a storm on Tuesday with KP Minister for Law Sultan Muhammad Khan who could be seen in the video counting money and signing an undertaking, also had to tender his resignation. The video shows a man handing over large sums of money, reportedly Rs 20 million to various KP Assembly lawmakers from the ruling PTI as well as some other parties.

Malpractices in the Senate elections are not a secret but the video has totally unmasked the true face of the elected representatives as to what extent they can go in the lust for money and power. Our political parties and leaders never get tired of blowing the trumpet of promoting democracy and democratic norms but their acts have only brought shame to the country and democracy. In fact had our political leaders been fair and honest, the country today would not have been faced with so many challenges. In this backdrop, we really support the PTI’s efforts to bring transparency in the Senate polls.

One still remembers as to how Prime Minister Imran Khan expelled twenty members from his own party involved in selling and purchasing votes in the 2018 elections, but it is unfortunate that the top leaders of other parties did not follow the suit.

These days the opposition parties are seen making hue and cry in the public gatherings over the need of transparent elections of the national and provincial assemblies. If these parties really believe in free and fair conduct of elections, then the beginning should be made from the Senate elections. While rising above petty political differences, the political parties must demonstrate maturity and they need to sit together and map out such a way forward that nobody could raise fingers on the fairness of either general elections or that of the Senate.

The people are already dejected and disappointed over the conduct and performance of the parliamentarians. Whilst setting good parliamentary practices, they should work towards winning back the confidence of the people.