Selected stories of celebrated writer of Kyrgyzstan translated into Urdu

 Zubair Qureshi

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Eric Beishembiev on Tuesday expressed his pleasure that the representative voice of his country, a globally read and respected writer Chingiz Atmatov is translated into Urdu and his selected stories will now be available for the Urdu readers.

He was addressing the launching ceremony of the book titled “ Chingiz Atmatov’s Selected Stories “, a translation of selected stories by Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Atmatov, translated into Urdu by Munir Fiaz and Zaif Syed.

The launching ceremony of the translated work was organized by the Pakistan Academy of Letters.

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan said Chingiz Torekulovich Atmatov was known as one of the great writers of the 20th century and his stories highlight his region’s civilization and social life.

Atmatov’s stories are a beautiful reflection of the Kyrgyz society and he wrote for peace, protection of Nature, local people’s lives, spiritual, and cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz society.

His childhood was spent in the hardships of World War II and he witnessed the fall of the Soviet Union and birth of Kyrgyzstan.

Chairman of the PAL and host of the ceremony Dr Yousuf Khushk while welcoming the ambassador and the guests said the translation of Chingiz Atmatov’s stories would enrich the PAL’s treasure/collection of global literature as his stories are popular worldwide.

One of the prime responsibilities of the PAL he said was to introduce world literature to the Pakistani readers through translations.

Chingiz Atmatov wrote both in the Kyrgyz and the Russian languages and his stories are about the period before the fall of the Soviet Union.

“We could find in Chingiz Atmatov’s stories a true reflection of the days when the Kyrgyz people were passing through a formative phase.

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