Security measures against terror threat


In the backdrop of recent terror attacks especially the one happened at Anarkali Lahore, all security institutions responsible for maintaining law & order situation in the country have been alerted with the direction to keep a tight vigilance to thwart unforeseen incidents.

Addressing a news conference on Saturday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that after being defeated at the hands of Taliban in Afghanistan, the RAW backed groups are planning to carry out terrorist activities in the country.

It was after rendering immense human and material losses that peace and stability was achieved in the country and this cannot be allowed to evaporate under any circumstances.

We are confident that our security forces will once again rise to the challenge and foil attempts of terrorist elements who want to create fear and anarchy in the country.

Pre-empting their nefarious designs is important to give a sense of security to the people. For this there is a need to enhance level of coordination amongst intelligence agencies to crush terrorists in their dens.

The Indian intelligence agency RAW may go to any extent to damage the interests of Pakistan.

A complete investigation should be carried out in Lahore blast and those linked with foreign elements must be exposed to international community.

The government has already shared with international community a complete dossier about Indian involvement in acts of terrorism in Pakistan yet the deafening silence on this issue is most unfortunate.

It will only embolden New Delhi to further expand its nefarious designs and activities.

While there is little expectation that international community will act against India and hold it accountable for its crimes because of its own political and economic expediency, we need to put our own house in order and inflict strong blow to terrorists by uprooting and destroying their networks in our towns and cities.

Our security forces need to demonstrate same kind of commitment and professionalism the one that was seen during Karachi and Swat operations.

Such terrorist elements should not be allowed to dictate their terms. The entire nation stands behind the security forces to defeat them.


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