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Sarwar warns against corona spread from cattle markets

Sarwar warns against corona spread from cattle markets

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has warned that the SOPs must be strictly implemented 100pc to curb the spread of corona from cattle markets otherwise the results can be devastating.
He was addressing a function at Governor House on Thursday to distribute protective shields against corona donated by former Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Almas Haider.
The governor said, ‘If the country and the economy become strong then 220 million Pakistanis will be strong’.
He said that there is no doubt that the closure of universities and other educational institutions due to corona is causing a lot of educational loss but now the federal government has announced the reopening of educational institutions from September 15.
He said Insha Allah we will also ensure implementation of corona SOPs in all educational institutions including universities.
In response to a question, the governor said that it was true that people in crowded places including shopping centers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr ignored corona to a dangerous extent because of which corona patients in Pakistan had increased tremendously.
But now on this Eid any kind of failure in safety measures to prevent corona will be extremely dangerous, so strict implementation of SOPs in cattle markets is also mandatory.
People should also celebrate Eid simply because of corona to avoid more dangerous situations.
Wherever SOPs are followed, there is a significant reduction in the number of corona patients. The sooner we get rid of corona, the more important it will be to revive the country’s economy.
The Punjab governor said that the number of corona patients has come down significantly in other cities of the country including Lahore due to smart lockdown.
He said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision of smart lockdown has proved to be beneficial but the threat of corona has not yet been averted.
The challenges are many. He said that every human life is precious to us. We urge the public to ensure implementation of corona SOPs everywhere and on Eid including shopping centers. He said that Ulema-i-Ikram should also play their role for protection and awareness from corona so that salvation can be obtained from corona.
On this occasion, Almas Haider said that we have to fight the war against corona together. We are trying to provide maximum fee shield to the students of schools before opening schools in Lahore and other cities of Punjab.
We have also formally launched this program from today under the patronage of the Punjab governor.


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