Sarwar advises opp to avoid protest Says PTI govt will complete its constitutional term


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar on Sunday declared that under the circumstances prevailed in the region, Pakistan cannot withstand any uncertainty or conflict in the country.

“Therefore, instead of adopting a policy of confrontation and street protests, the opposition parties should wait for the 2023 general elections.”

He declared that the nation has given a 5 years mandate to the PTI government and it has the very right to complete its constitutional term.

“It is the constitutional and democratic right of the government to fulfil the constitutional term.” The Punjab governor said that the government is taking practical steps to save the people from inflation and other problems.

Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar was talking during meeting Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Dost Mohammad Mazari at Governor House Lahore. Political and governmental matters came under discussion during the meeting.

During the meeting, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said that despite all the claims of political opponents, the government of PTI has completed a period of more than three years and Insha Allah the remaining years will also be passed.

Opposition parties have already protested against the government, but the government is not afraid of them because there is no doubt that the opposition parties themselves are divided and they have no vision.

The Punjab Governor said that the government is working on electoral reforms to make the next general elections in the country transparent and we have been repeatedly asking the opposition parties to support the government on the issue of electoral reforms but the opposition parties are not only obstructing electoral reforms but they are also stopping overseas Pakistanis from their right to vote which can never be in the interest of the nation and democracy.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that the provision of health, education and other basic facilities is the top priority of the government and inshallah by December 2021 every person in Punjab will also get the facility of Insaf Health Card and to provide clean drinking water to the people Punjab Aab-e-Pak authority’s 1500 filtration plants project is underway.

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sardar Dost Mohammad Mazari said that the opposition could not overthrow the government earlier nor will it succeed now.

The coalition parties and the people are standing with the government. Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete his constitutional term & will resolve all problems.


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