AMC wins ‘Super League on Climate Change’


Ameer Uddin Medical College (AMC/PGMI) Lahore’s team defeated Karachi and won on national level in the All-Pakistan Parliamentary Debate titled: “Pakistan Debating Super League” organized by Dialogue Climate Change, an active organization.

Students of AMC, Saad Javed, Haris Tahir and Huzifa Waseem won the final competition and embraced success for their college.

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has congratulated his team and called it another honour for the Institution. He termed it as a proud step for AMC and said that the Debating Society of this College has maintained the tradition of victory and success which is no less than a credit for the every student for this college.

Talking in this regard, Principal Prof. Al-freed Zafar said that it is very encouraging that the medical students of this Institute are participating in extracurricular activities in addition to complex and difficult scientific education which not only brighten the name of the Institution but also the personality of the students is groomed.

He maintained that since the establishment of this college, medical students have been leading in sports and other extra-curricular activities but the record of achievements of the Debating Society is unique.

He hoped that the students of AMC would continue to be successful in the future as well and would be a source of pride for the Institution.

It is noteworthy that the debating team had earlier defeated the teams of GC University Lahore and Punjab University in the previous competitions and the University of Lahore and King Edward Medical University were left behind and AMC team reached the semi-finals from all over Punjab as well as debating teams reached to the finals by defeating the teams of Balochistan and Sindh.

In the final, Students of Ameer Uddin Medical College Debating Society competed with the Lyari Medical College team from Sindh and finally won the last competition as well.


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