Sanofi’s Foundation S donates over Rs 378m for post-flood relief efforts in Pakistan


Sanofi’s philanthropic arm, Foundation S, has donated a sum of over PKR 378 M (1.7 M Euros) to support flood victims in Pakistan.

Medicinal donation of antibiotics worth 245 million was made to the Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN).

The vast donation plan covers PKR 89 million (400,000 Euros) to UNICEF to provide the affected population with delivery kits, water purification caps, water tanks, nutrition kits, and essential medicines.

It includes PKR 44.5 million (200,000 Euros) to the Red Cross Croix-Rouge (French Red Cross) to procure emergency aid materials (tents, shelters etc) and water purification systems.

Another PKR 245 million (1,100,000 Euros) worth antibiotics were provided to treat approximately 550,000 patients.

Shakeel Mapara, Head of Human Resources, Sanofi Pakistan said, “WHO estimates that 8 million people need essential health assistance despite the receding flood waters.


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