Sahiwal project, a miracle in history of Pakistan’s power construction



Sahiwal Power Project is a miracle in the history of power construction in Pakistan and highly praised by both Chinese and Pakistani governments and counterparts home and abroad, says a report published by China Economic Net (CEN).
It is a joint venture of Huaneng Shandong Power Generation Company and Shandong Ruyi Group, with an investment of about $1.8 billion.
According to the report, the project is largest, fastest and the first environmentally friendly coal-fired power plant completed under CPEC, with the most optimal technological and environmental indicators.
It seems to be a living wonder in the history of coal-fired power plants. Ensuring higher standards in maintaining best ecosystem, values of hazardous gases and mercury are remaining lower than the values set by World Bank, Japan, EU as well as Pakistan from the start till date at Sahiwal Coal-Fired Power plant.
Besides contributing its role in minimizing scale of energy crisis and meeting at least 10 percent of total national power need of country, it has become a sound source of employment for youth from its construction to operation.
With every perspective, it is a masterpiece of success with stable supply of power, playing a vital role to safeguard the energy security of Pakistan.
Approximately, power plant has supplied over 19.2 billion kilowatt-hours’ clean energy to national grid till July 31 for the power consumers of Pakistan, filling a quarter of the country’s power shortage and meeting the electricity demand of more than 4 million houses.
At the same time it has effectively promoted the development of local industries and injected strong impetus into socio-economic development of local regions.
Sahiwal project is a key prioritized project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is the first super-critical power plant in Pakistan and the first power plant completed under CPEC.
Chinese and Pakistani engineers and constructors work hard together to resolve the long-existed power crisis in Pakistan. The construction was completed within 22 months and 8 days, 200 days ahead of schedule, making it Sahiwal Speed.
China Huaneng Group has fulfilled its solemn promise to Pakistan Government and people. It has also set up continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) for monitoring of the Particulate Matter (PM).
In order to strength the Environmental Monitoring Protocols, Project Company has hired EPA Certified Third party Environmental Monitoring Company to follow Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP) and to monthly submit the Environmental Reports.
The Company has also installed Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station to keenly monitor the air quality and to make sure quality air in accordance to NEQS.
In designing the coal yard, the company has special attention Environmental Protection. Coal yard is equipped with water spraying guns to avoid coal dust. Catch fence is provided around the coal yard 2m higher than height of coal pile.
Regarding misunderstanding that untreated water is released into outside agriculture land damaging land fertility and crops, the plant has installed one of the best water treatment mechanisms, in which coal waste water is treated and reused. Thus, it never goes into field.
This project has won the highest honor in the power industry of China and China National Quality Engineering Gold Award, the highest award in the construction field of China, and many awards of federal and provincial level in Pakistan
The Company does not only build world-leading modern power plant, but also unreservedly imparts the knowledge in construction, operation and management to local employees so that they can run this power plant by themselves within about 5 years.
171 Pakistani employees had been sent to modern power plants in China for technical training, making this training program the largest of this kind.
It is planned to train around 300 local students every year with various technical courses and it will become a China-Pakistan cultural and technological exchange hub.
At present, the technical training school is completed and has enrolled first batch of students for internship program. Over years of training by the company, more and more Pakistani staff has grown into highly skilled engineers, the backbone of the future of Pakistan.
So far the Plant has employed around 3000 manpower from local community. Volume of local employees is around 90 percent in comparison to Chinese staff. They are highly excited with overwhelmed feelings of joy seeing a bright change in the living conditions. They praised high the Chinese government for their support making their life so comfortable. —APP

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